How Can a Height Adjustable Table Help You Stay Active at Home or Office?

The workplace environment is carefully designed today to promote employee well-being. With ergonomic solutions successfully implemented at workplaces, there are not many complaints about severe neck pain or back pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), from employees. Height-adjustable tables play a vital role in keeping employees healthy and productive.

Most people have sedentary lifestyles, which weaken their bodies and cause several health problems. Several studies conducted in this regard proved that most health issues are caused due to people’s immobility. When working a human body remains stable in one position; instead, it needs to move around at regular intervals.

With passive sitting posture, the vertebral disks are exposed to an unbalanced load, which weakens the muscles and leads to severe back and neck pain, inflammation, and stress. The other adverse conditions include a bad influence on respiration and digestion owing to pressure applied on the nerves. All these unfavorable conditions cause loss of concentration, low productivity, and poor performance.

Office furniture plays a crucial role in contributing to your well-being. You can have tables, which are ergonomically designed to improve the work environment and increase productivity. A height adjustable table helps support your body by maintaining the right posture when sitting or standing. It also enables you to alternate between sitting and standing; thus, balancing the load during the time you spend at the workplace.

With the working conditions changing, you may have to work sitting or standing for long hours, which increases the chance of becoming obese and diabetic. A sit-stand desk can assist you here by allowing you to change your position from sitting to standing every time. You tend to gain several health benefits by alternating sitting with standing.

What Makes You Use a Height Adjustable Table?

As for the advantages of using an adjustable height desk, you can find some of them scientifically proven. A few of them are explained below:

  • Lowers the risk of becoming obese

A human body needs some kind of exercise to burn the calories taken in. Sitting or standing at a place for extended hours makes you gain weight. Commitments at the workplace keep you busy that you hardly get time to exercise or move around. A standing desk, with adjustable lifts, can help you do most of your work standing. You can switch between sitting and standing, which will help burn calories and make you healthy.

  • Helps you move around

A sit-stand desk promotes musculoskeletal movements that you will feel being active and productive.

  • Enhances productivity

With an adjustable height table, you can find 2-stage or 3-stage models that help you adjust the table height accurately when sitting or standing. It increases your efficiency and quality of work, which in turn improves productivity. Some research studies show that a standing desk helps increase productivity by 45 percent at workstations.

You need an ergonomically designed height adjustable table to set your workplace to improve performance and productivity.

Priya Arora is an experienced interior designer who writes about workplace ergonomics and the use of height adjustable desks and chairs in her articles and blogs.

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