How Can a Route Optimization App Make Your Job Easier

You may have stumbled across our little article because you’re wondering what exactly is a route optimization app and how it works, or perhaps you’re looking into using a route optimization app and you’re wondering if it will actually help you.

A route optimization app is an application designed specifically with delivery drivers in mind. The app assists the driver by analysing their route and giving them the fastest, most efficient route possible.

Keep reading as we take you through everything you should know about route optimization apps and how it can help you as delivery driver.

How does a route optimization app work?

As the name would suggest, a route optimization app works by optimizing your delivery route. It isn’t simply a guide from point A to B like any other GPS app, but rather it works by finding the quickest, most efficient route.

The app plans your route using many different factors, including, but not limited to: Your total number of stops, the location of all your stops, as well as any traffic or construction delays.

Is it important?

It is safe to say that route optimization apps are definitely important if you are a delivery driver, manager or business owner in general. There are many uses for route optimization applications and we’ll break down the few most important reasons for you.

1. Increased demand

With online shopping being more popular than ever due to the global pandemic, deliveries can often be delayed or cancelled all together because there aren’t enough drivers or they simply aren’t quick enough to make all the deliveries. A route optimization app will give your drivers the quickest route, therefore saving you time.

2. Route planning

Planning a delivery route can be very time consuming and doing it manually means you cannot foresee any construction delays or possible road closers. A route optimization considers every possible factor meaning the delays you’ll experience will be minimal.

3. Fleet tracking

Knowing where your drivers are at any given point is vital for productivity, therefore most route optimization apps have tracking technology integrated so you can know where your drivers are.

4. Proof of delivery

Although it is not common, as a business owner or manager, you may experience a customer claiming that they haven’t received their delivery, but your driver swears up and down that he did. Route optimization apps are designed to keep track of any stops made by the driver, therefore giving you accurate proof of delivery.

5. Communication

Communication is vital between drivers and their support teams, and simply relying on phone calls can cause a communication breakdown. Many route optimization apps have a built in communication channel, making it easier for you and your drivers to reach each other in case of emergency.


In Conclusion, if you’re a truck driver, or delivery driver of any sort, then you should without a doubt be using a route optimization app. Not only because it will save you the trouble of writing your own route, but it will also give you the fastest, most efficient route you could possible take.

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