How can AC Milan play with Adly and Di Kitilari

How can AC Milan play with Adly and Di Kitilari

New Milan discovery 2022/23 by Pioli, fresh from Scudetto win and ready to update the starting eleven with new arrivals

Stefano Pioli is about to start his fourth season at the helm of Milan, having won the Scudetto in the past. But how will his team play in the first division 2022/23? The reference format is always the same, 4-2-3-1 is very flexible to the demands of the coach, as there are no fixed positions but rather roles to be played. Pioli showed that he knows how to rotate the team in the best possible way, choosing players also based on the characteristics of the opponents.

Stefano Pioli game
The past year for Beauley coincided with the height of his career. The Scudetto arrived thanks to the strong personalities, who were put in the best conditions by Bewley’s tactical choices. One of the main points of the final victory is the defensive solidity present in the latter part of the tournament: Milan conceded only 9 goals in the second round, eight less than Napoli and Inter. But is there anyone in Europe who has done better? Number in 2022, it is the Rossoneri defense that conceded fewer goals in the top 5 European leagues, first against Liverpool, with 10 goals conceded. Milan’s defensive stage is very effective because it is supported by every element of the team: the neighboring departments, facilitated by a continuous high line of defense, who decide to follow the opposing attackers by hand. The high pressure given by the attackers, accompanied by the entire team behind them, is also crucial. This forces the opponent’s defenses to play more dangerous plays that sometimes turn out to be very bad, as happened in the championship matches against Lazio, Fiorentina and Sassuolo.



A very brave defensive stage that bets on the qualities of its players. The attack phase must also be understood in the same way. Milan does not focus on player associations through interference and passes, but aims to isolate the best players and create offensive movements by dribbling and tearing the ball. It is no coincidence that the Rossoneri were the team with the most attempts and dribbles in Serie A, and found in Liao the best possible translator. Personal solutions spring up even when you think about the shots: after Sassuolo, Milan were the team that tried several times from outside the area, a sign of the constant search for danger by the Rossoneri.

The first development of the maneuver always tries to start from the goalkeeper, in fact the team manager. If the defender or alternate midfielder’s short pass is blocked, try throwing the linebacker by bypassing the pressure or try to find depth directly with wing movements. The modern interpretation of the full-backs is also noteworthy: Calabria, but especially Theo Hernandez, likes to come into the middle of the field to receive the ball and manage possession, perhaps with some thrust into the enemy lines. A tactical solution often suggested by Stefano Pioli, in particular against the defenses of three men to confuse external opponents, forcing them to chase them in situations not natural to them. The two midfielders provide the necessary support in every part of the field, to be considered fighters ready to do some things. Sometimes in the middle of the defenders to help set up from below, with a three-way construction with two middles providing the possibility for the linebackers to climb up, or find themselves close to the penalty area, to support the often very isolated first attacker. It was precisely this point, the apparent loneliness of the first striker, that a more physical and athletic player was used more often in the role of attacking midfielder. Tactical compromise, in order to increase presence (and pressure) in the last meters of the field, giving up the technical vitality of the true attacking midfielder.

Possible formation of Milan

AC Milan, ITALY – JANUARY 23: AC Milan’s Pierre Calolo plays during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Juventus at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on January 23, 2022 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Lozzani/Getty Images)
Minyan in the goal and my husband Kalolo Tomori to guard the goal. If Tomori is definitely a left-of-centre, then Kalolo has surely matured in his ranks to support him from the first minute on the right of center. With Tomori, he formed a pair with a stunning performance in Serie A, unique in his ability to take down their opponents. A typical Milan attack requires players with these characteristics. The result is the inevitable bench, at least initially, for Simon Keir, who has returned from a long injury to the Crusader. The Denmark captain will remain an essential part of Mila’s rotation

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