How can I cancel a Vueling reservation?

If you have booked your ticket with Vueling Airlines and now, for some reason, you cannot take the flight, you can cancel your reservation. Vueling airlines permit passengers to cancel their reservations if needed. You can cancel your Vueling flight online by contacting the customer service team. However, there is a specific policy provided by the airlines for Vueling cancel flight, which includes the cost of Vueling flight cancellation and terms of cancellation. Read the policies before canceling your flight at Vueling Airlines.

Cancellation Policy of Vueling Airlines

Passengers should check the policies for canceling a Vueling flight ticket. The policies to cancel your Vueling reservation are as follows:

  • On cancellation of a Vueling reservation, it only provides a refund in terms of Flight Credit, which can be used for future travel purposes at Vueling airlines.
  • On canceling a reservation within 24 hours of purchasing a flight ticket, the amount will be refunded on the same platform you paid for earlier.
  • Vueling flight tickets with Flex Pack can be canceled up to 48 hours prior to the flight’s departure.
  • Cancellation of the reservation due to medical reasons permits a full refund to the passengers in a flight credit form.
  • A cancellation fee is applied to passengers to cancel the reservation. The cost depends on your flight ticket type and the time of the cancellation.
  • To the premium customers of Vueling, cancellation charges will not apply.

The process to Cancel Your Vueling Reservation

Online and offline options on Vueling Airlines are available to cancel flight tickets. Go through both processes and choose which option is suitable for you.

Through Website: Go through the procedure to cancel the flight reservation at Vueling Airlines from their website. The required steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Vueling airlines and Sign in with your account,
  • Tap on the “Your Booking” option,
  • Find your reservation either with your email or origin/destination,
  • Tap on the “Cancel My Flight” option under your flight ticket,
  • Choose your reason for canceling the flight,
  • Continue with paying the cancellation charge,
  • With this, your Vueling reservation will be canceled.

Calling Customer Service: Passengers can reach out to the Vueling customer service team to request the flight ticket cancellation your booking confirmation number will be required to cancel the flight ticket, Call on the Vueling phone number to get a live agent on call and make your request. Below is the calling procedure to cancel your flight:

  • Dial the contact number
  • Choose the “Speak with an agent” option from the IVR,
  • Request the cancellation of your Vueling flight to the agent,
  • Specify why you want to cancel your reservation,
  • Tell when you booked your flight,
  • Give the booking confirmation number to the agent,
  • The person will check the cancellation fee,
  • Pay the cancellation fee,
  • Then your Vueling reservation will be canceled by the live agent on call.


Hence, you can cancel your Vueling reservation with the above processes and obtain a refund which you can use next time to book your flights with Vueling Airlines. Go through with the cancellation policy to know the terms and conditions. Follow the online steps to cancel your flight or reach out to customer service to get help from the live chat for the same.

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