How Can I Make Chrome Use Less Memory?


Google Chrome is one of the most popularly used cross-platform web browser which was developed and designed by Google. It was initially released in the year 2008 for Microsoft Windows but later was taken over by many other platforms and was turned into the default browser.

Nevertheless, despite its popularity many people have now started to complain about Chrome high memory usage. This one of the biggest problem which people are facing and many have started to realize this. Though, this is not a big problem which cannot be solved. We will provide you few ways through which you can easily resolve this issue.

Solutions for Controlling Chrome Memory Usage:

  • Close all the tabs are opened without any reason or that might not be coming into the use at present.
  • Run a system check every week. Very important step. This might take up some time, but it will give you a clarity about your RAM.
  • Run a malware scan, but only from a trusted antivirus software. Never use an outdated version or untrusted software for checking antivirus. They might not give you the best results or be fair with their results.
  • Disable site isolation feature. If you disable this feature then you can see the difference between the smoothness of your chrome functioning.
  • Create a new user profile. This is a very thoughtful option which can give you space and will consume less memory

Thus, these were some easy and efficient steps that you can take and prevent chrome from using too much memory.

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