How can I remove my mobile number from Gmail?

How can I remove my mobile number from Gmail

While using your Google Account, you will be asked to connect your phone number. This prompt can be both a gift and a revile, depending upon how you look like at it. It’s regularly used for two-factor confirmation.

Two-factor is a profoundly secure feature that allows you to receive a one-time-use code via text, as a means to keep unapproved users from accessing your account, even if they have your password. It’s valuable and helps boost security big time.

Obviously, there are different reasons why you have to connect a telephone number to your Google account.

It’s used with Google Calendar, Chrome and browser-sync, Google Pay, and even to distinguish the ads you see. The whole ads thing compares to the jinx and is a solid reason why you might not want Google to have your number.

Evacuating your number under any conditions — is more muddled than giving it. It very well out baffling attempting to figure out how to get your number unlisted from Google’s account.

Here are a few tips that will help you to remove your phone number from the Google account.

Change the Preference of Number

Through numerous Google services particularly on Android — there are many methods in which your number may be used. Fortunately, you have full command over this and can stop it whenever you want.

On Android:

Open your device settings by selecting the gear icon and browse to Google, Google Account

On Desktop or another device

Visit Google Account Settings

Select the Personal Info option. You’ll be accessible with a list of your personal data.

Select the Phone under the Contact section. You can see your active phone number registered, and you’ll also see the Usage segment that discloses services accessing your number. A few examples comprise 2-Step Verification, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, and Google Play.

Click on the service you wish to change. Select service that will take you to the proper account settings page.

Deactivate or Delete Your Number

Open your Google account and go to Security

Move down and tap on Recovery Phone

Type your Google password to confirm your identity

Tap the box to delete your recovery number.

This is how you can disable or remove the mobile number from Gmail. Although, there is no such thing as Gmail phone number, as Google never claim to provide the technical assistance via phone calls.

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