How can International students request their Transcripts from Indian universities?

Embassy Attestation

From Nalanda and Takshsila University in the past to IITs and IIMs now, India has been attracting students from all around the globe. Talking about education in India, several universities attract international students from many countries for their graduation and post-graduation courses. The only difference is, while there were very less formalities during the ancient times, the number of paperwork to acquire an education has been increased now. Not only during admissions but there is a lot of paperwork post-education as well. Transcripts are one such important document required after completing education. So let’s learn a bit more about transcripts from India for the international students.

What is Transcript India?

Transcripts are simply a document issued from the respective university that contains details of the student, institute, subject list and marks obtained by the student in all the subjects during the entire course. Just like Indian students go abroad for their graduation or post-graduation courses, similarly, many international students come to India for completing their desired courses here. When these students wish to pursue either their graduation or master’s course in a different country, they need to get their transcript certificate from Indian universities. These transcripts from India may or may not be required for embassy attestation and the student shall check the same as per their requirement. Transcript India is also required to get an ECA certificate for employment in a different country.

How can an International student request their graduation or post-graduation course transcript from India?

Those students from foreign nations who have completed their graduation in India require a transcript from India for pursuing their masters’ course either in their home country or in a different country. They will also need transcript India for ECA certification in case they wish to work anywhere else apart from India or their home country. A lot of such international students are confused about where to get their India transcript from? In this section, we are sharing a couple of ways in which international students can order their transcripts.

  1.       Applying transcript India online – the students have the option to apply for their transcripts online. Almost all the universities across India have the facility to apply for transcripts online. So students who wish to get their transcripts in India online can visit the official website of their university and submit the online application. The students need to ensure that they fill in all the details correctly and upload self-attested and scanned copies of all the required documents. Any missing document or incorrect application can lead to rejection or delay in the application process. The next important thing to check is online fee payment. Though the universities accept leading payment methods and can process all cards such as VISA and Maestro, it is advised that students check if their card is accepted or not.


  1.       Contacting transcript services – there are several transcript service providers that can help student fetch their transcripts from India. These transcript agencies are professional and can help international students get their transcripts in India on time and without any hassle. Worldwide transcripts is a leading transcript service in India that can help you get your transcript certificate from universities across India.

Getting transcript India embassy attested

Students are required to get their documents attested from the embassy to avoid any problems during entry to the foreign country and institute. And embassy attestation of documents ensures that all these documents will be accepted where they are required to be submitted. International students looking to get their transcript from India, can simultaneously also request for embassy attestation of their transcript from India. For example, any student from Nigeria who has completed graduation from India and wishes to work in Canada can contact transcript services to get their transcript India certified for Canada by getting Embassy attestation done in India only. Well, the student can first collect the transcript from India and get embassy attestation done in their own country as well. This process may take a few extra days, that’s it.


Hope through this article International students are clear on how to acquire their India transcript and how to get their transcript certificate to perform embassy attestation. The students can either apply online or contact transcript services and get their requirement processes. And no need to mention, they should not think of visiting their university and applying for their transcript. There is no need to spend so much money in the process. For any doubt, please feel free to leave your questions below.

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