How can kids get creative at home?

As adults, we often judge the art we create. We hold back, erase, and aim for perfection. Child art is entirely the opposite. Their definition of art is whatever they want it to be at that moment. Being creative is healthy for our minds and heart. Creating art without boundaries is an excellent way to bond with kids. It enables you to express yourself freely and encourages you to let loose.

Considering it is the age of pandemic, parents are continually coming up with new kids indoor games. But here is what they can do with craft and art items –

Paint with nature

If you have a garden, then forget the pain brushes and opt for petals. Use the stem like a handle and petals like the brush. Pour the paint into paper plates, may be different colours of different plates are ideal. Hold the plate and start with the painting. You might want to dress the kid in apron or clothes which you would not mind getting dirty.

Paint with feet

The best part about craft items is you can use them the way you wish. Roll out a large white paper in your garden or big living room. Pour the paint into the trays and let kids use their feet for painting. Remember, it could get slippery, which children love, but keep an eye for possible slips. You should also organise for wet towels for post clean up.

Letter of the day

Use the Letter of the Day theme daily for keeping the creativity flowing. Suppose it is Letter S’s day; create a solar system with Saturn, spaceships, and stars. You could also follow up with some books related to space. This makes the indoor games for kids interactive, i.e., painting as well as reading sessions.

Colours to the kitchen

If food restrictions are not a concern with the parents, then food colouring is an excellent way of playing around with colours and learn the colour wheel. Nothing beats edible art. This becomes fun when you make the vanilla frosting. Keep one container of frosting into little bowls. Play around with food colouring by dropping different colours into the frosting. You can sugar cookies to decorate once you complete a rainbow of frosting.

Create a museum

Make sure you have a wall specially designed for hanging the art created by your kids. Seeing you hang up their work makes them proud of their accomplishments. Your house becomes a museum, and it encourages them to work towards it further. You could keep changing the gallery every few months and maybe keep it interesting by following a theme or seasonal.

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