How Can Minority and Women-Owned Businesses Take Advantage of Hub Certification?

Starting and running a business is no walk in the park. It needs patience, time, effort, guidance, and money. But sometimes the minority-owned business doesn’t get the opportunity to showcase the talent. Even there are lots of women who want to start their business, want to make money from the comfort of their homes. In this case, the Nc hub certification program offers a great opportunity to minority and women entrepreneurs. They will get the individual business skills and the knowledge capacity through one-to-one advice. However, there are several benefits of getting hub certification, as you can get access to government contracts and big contracts in your business area.


Historically Underutilized Business Opportunities Program committed to ensuring that the woman, minority, and the service-veteran-owned business gets the fair opportunity to compete for all the contracts, directly and indirectly. This program is designed to promote full and equal business opportunities for all North Carolina certified Hubs.


But the process of getting a hub certificate is a little daunting, and to make it easy and hassle-free, Moorey advisory solutions are always for your help because they understand, minority-owned businesses are the backbone of the nation’s economy.


Benefits of the certification

  • This process helps to add your business to the online directory.


  • It also helps to increase exposure to the business and all the procurements opportunities.


  • Get all the latest opportunities and benefits from government organizations.


  • It also helps to increase the visibility of your business, especially for women-owned businesses, because at the earlier stage, they don’t likely get huge contracts, and the key thing about being in a business is to sell products or services. Understanding all things certification program helps to make your business more visible and accessible. You just need to go through the NC Hub certification application


  • Further, Hub-certified business owners also get knowledge on how to scale their business vertices by attending seminars and workshops.


For the certification first, you need to be eligible for the process like an applicant owner must provide proof of 51 percent ownership and control of the day-to-day operations of the business. The owner should be an economically disadvantaged person.


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