How Can One Develop A Habit Of Book Reading?


There are numerous ways to adapt the habit of reading. To make reading a habit, you have to realize how enjoyable reading is. For this, pick a book according to your interest, and after reading it for some days, you will realize why you didn’t do it before.

Now, these are some points to cultivate a reading habit:

  • Make a list of books you want to read each month.
  • Try to read at least 10 pages per day.
  • Join a book club or make some reading partners.
  • Set your reading goals.
  • Find a quiet place for reading.

If you are taking the first step to read a book then knowing book genres is important for you.

Here is the ultimate list of book genres.

  1. Art
  2. Art & Photography
  3. Autobiographies
  4. Biographies
  5. Children’s
  6. Cookbooks
  7. Development
  8. Families & Relationships
  9. Graphic Novel
  10. Guide/How-to
  11. History
  12. Humor
  13. Fiction novel
  14. Motivational
  15. Parenting & Families
  16. Poetry
  17. Religion & Spirituality
  18. Science & Technology
  19. Self-Help
  20. Short Stories
  21. Travel
  22. True Crime

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