How Can One Perform Freedom To Operate Analysis?

Ensemble IP is one patent search firm that gives you peace of mind with its impressive service. It is a trusted company that provides:

• Comprehensive search.
• White-Glove Service and quality results
• Its approach and methodology are transparent.
• Identifies most relevant art
• Manual library and native language searching

Ensemble IP also minimizes the risk factor and helps build trust among the clients. The company provides clear feature mappings and claim reports. It provides global coverage and gives quality results quicker. The analysts and experts of the team are responsive and on time. The team aims at giving accurate and complete information to help make the right decision when commercializing the product. Ensemble IP understands the risk involved in product commercialization and focuses to understand your requirements. Quality search helps in reducing risk and saving money. The team experts are highly skilled and well-trained in understanding the intricacies of Freedom To Operate analysis. They know to strategize and utilize the right tools to uncover the most relevant art.

The team at Ensemble IP makes a detailed study of the matter to know every intricate of the relevant art. They know the right techniques and databases for every jurisdiction. They simply know where what, and how to make a quick search to get all the required information. Native language searching gives an added confidence that you got the right information. The team also claims that other patent search firms have learned and adopted the new approach and latest technology skills from Ensemble IP. They take pride in their AI technology and a highly skilled team. The leaders of the team have delivered and created a training program at Patent Resources Group (PRG) to teach generations of agents, attorneys, and analysts the process of searching databases, native languages, and physical libraries. Ensemble IP has also educated over 1,000 people to do patentability searching in the best possible way. The founder of the company has even co-authored professional patent searching, the only treatise called the “Patent Searching: Tools and Techniques”.

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