How Can OpenCart Mobile App Builder Grow Your eCommerce Business?

If you’re searching for a reliable way to turn your eCommerce store into a mobile app, OpenCart Mobile App Maker is the way to go. It also assists you in launching your eCommerce business with an OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App that is both scalable and feature-rich. Furthermore, it is a powerful eCommerce solution that motivates you to achieve your company objectives. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder by Knowband assists you in achieving your sales and income objectives, regardless of how small or large they are. This OpenCart Mobile App Creator plugin may be used by the store admin to guarantee that the eCommerce store reaches its full potential.

1. Branding

It is always important to do the correct branding of Android and iOS applications, whether you want to sell a single product or a wide range of items on your OpenCart mobile app. The Mobile App for OpenCart has a new design that makes it easier for consumers to understand. This popular Android app and iOS app allow the eCommerce merchant to launch the OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App with its name and value without third-party involvement on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

2. Login and Checkout

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to offer excellent social logins and registration options, like Facebook and Google. In order to secure and secure access, customers may also use Fingerprint and Phone No (OTP). In addition, the Android and iOS applications have a simplified checkout screen that simplifies the order submission.

3. Push Notification

The OpenCart Android App Builder push notification function can be used by the store admin to promote the online business. The OpenCart iOS App Maker also assists the eCommerce store admin in generating high income and sales through the Android and iOS apps by providing updates to customers about the newest deals and discounts.

4. Offline Mode

Even if the consumer has no or a poor internet connection, he or she may easily utilize the mobile app. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator has a preloaded cache that displays app data on the user’s mobile phone screen when there is no internet connection.


All of the capabilities described above can be simply integrated into your eCommerce mobile app as well as by using Knowband’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder. We have a team of experienced and professional developers and offer a wide range of OpenCart solutions and services. We will do our best to assist the shop admin in building and deploying the eCommerce app without the need for coding expertise.

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