How Can Personalization Influence Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a term used in online marketing and refers to the number of visitors that end up being buyers. It is represented as a ratio of buyers to visitors. The sales here could be anything from merchandise to services.

How Does Personalization Influence Conversion Rate

Personalization is a practice of tailoring content to suit or resonate with a particular audience. By providing content, services, or pages that resonate with a particular audience, you spike the user’s curiosity, optimize user experience, which eventually leads to them using your service. Proper personalization is therefore required in order to convert visitors to paying customers.

The process of using personalized copy to optimize conversion rate can be achieved by employing a number of tactics.

Personalization Tricks to Boost Conversion Rate

1. Create Copy Based on the Source of Referral

When using referrals to attract customers, the information on the home page that opens after following a link should be coherent with the information on the referral page. For example, if a referral page advertises eco-friendly eyeliners, when a user follows this link, the page that opens should contain content about this eyeliner; images, reviews, or product descriptions.

If the homepage doesn’t contain information that isn’t a follow-up from the referral page or if this page talks about a different service altogether, the probability of having bounces is above average.

2. Display Time Sensitive Information on Your Website

The use of time here doesn’t exclusively refer to the time of the day, it also refers to a season. Simply, if you have visitors on your site during non-working hours, you can offer a service that caters to them at that point in time or something that is going to keep them hooked with you.

This service can be a paid webinar or a landing page that provides you with a lead. This way, you can reach out to them during working hours, and you must have succeeded to optimize user experience, hence you increase conversion rate on website.

3. Create Copy Based on the Type of Visitor

Essentially, customers are always at different levels of awareness as far as a particular product is concerned. This information can be used to easily optimize conversion. So if you have first-time visitors, the ideal is to pamper them so that they keep coming back. This can be done by offering a free service; coupon, eBook, etc in exchange for their contact.

For returning customers, creating copy that keeps them anxious about returning to your site is key. Such copy may include future offers based on their carting or purchasing history or information about discounts on their preferred products.

These tricks and many others create an emotional connection with your customers and optimize user experience. Even if they don’t purchase immediately, this emotional connection serves you in the long run.


Personalization has been proven to have an above-average influence on conversion rate, therefore it is recommended for all businesses.


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