How Can Women Update Their Bank Account Details Post Marriage?

A woman’s life is filled with countless milestones. One of them is marriage. After this important event, she has several responsibilities to fulfil. She has to move to a new family, give up her maiden name, and serve the role of a partner. But while doing so, she needs to also comply with the formalities linked to these changes.

Of them, the most crucial one is the change of name in the Bank Account after marriage. This step is necessary for every newly wedded woman. It saves them from the inconvenience and helps them stay on track with their banking. To understand the gravity of this procedure, consider the following reasons:

  1. Prevents Deposit delays

If you do not update your Bank Account details, you might face Deposit delays. For example, your employer writes you a cheque with your old maiden name. Now since you have changed it, the deposit could bounce or delay. However, timely name correction in your Bank Account can save you from such situations.

  1. It helps you stay notified

Banks keep introducing new facilities from time to time. To keep their customers updated, they reach out to them through various mediums. In such cases, if your name is not updated in the Bank Account, it could cause confusion. Hence, it is best to keep your Savings Account updated if you wish to stay notified.

  1. It saves you from legal issues

Married women usually change their surnames in official documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport, etc. In this scenario, not updating the maiden name in their Bank Account could invite legal issues.  It could land them in complicated legal situations. Thus, it is wise to update to avoid such problems by doing the needful.

What is the process to change your surname in your Bank Account?

A Bank Account name change application involves the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare a letter

The first step is to prepare a signed written application letter to your bank. This letter should be addressed to the branch manager. It should entail vital details like your Bank Account number, the duration of your association with the bank, and a gist of your situation.

Step 2: Attach relevant documents

The next step is to attach relevant documents to the letter. These include:

  • A Notarised Name Change Affidavit
  • Gazette Notification
  • Marriage Certificate

Step 3: Wait for verification

Once you submit the application letter with the abovementioned documents, the bank will start a verification process. If your details get verified and acknowledged, you will receive a notification on your registered email address. The name change process starts immediately after that.

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