How Can You Earn American Airlines Miles?

Earn American Airlines MilesTo visit any place from all over the globe, American Airlines are the best. You can reach wherever you want for free also if you take the benefit Advantage program. Also, it is very easy to earn the airline miles when you need to go on a thrilling trip with the help of American Airlines Phone Number.

Here are some points that will help you to earn the Advantage miles, and you will be able to start planning your vacation:

  1. You can sign up for a co-branded credit card as each co-branded American Airlines credit card provides a sign-up bonus if you meet the minimum spending requirement within the stipulated period. Sometimes the sign up is sufficient if you want to go on a round-trip economy American Airlines Flights within the US as well as one round-trip international flight.
  2. The next way is you can add authorized users to your credit cards and be sure that you are going to earn miles on all the purchases that are for family or business-related even for those times when you are not around. You will receive targeted offers for additional miles through email when you add an authorized user. 
  3. The American Advantage program also has an e-shopping mall that you can use to earn additional miles. This will connect you with over 950 stores and you will get exclusive opportunities if you are a loyal member of “American Airlines”. You just need to click from the portal to a retailer’s site before booking American Airlines flights. The stores and earning rates may change over the period but the miles you earn will really get added.
  4. Amex Offers is a discount program that will connect you to all the American Express credit cards that include Delta SkyMiles cards. Most of the promotions are cashback offers and you may also see a bonus offer for Delta SkyMiles. Also, stay in touch with these Amex offers so you are able to take advantage of these offers as and when they arrive.
  5. While credit cards and online shopping can help you earn some miles but a better way to earn Advantage miles is by flying with the American Airlines Reservations. You can earn between 5 and 11 miles per dollar that you spend on American Airlines flights and you can also earn Advantage miles with any of “American Airlines” 23 airline partners. You just need to select your inclination for Advantage miles when you book your ticket because you can’t earn miles on both airlines.

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