How Can You Help A Friend When He Is Suffering From Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a chronic, often debilitating condition that can affect anyone, at any time. It isn’t easy to get help for a friend or family member who is suffering from mental illness. But you can do your part to make his experience as normal as possible.


You could ask for help in making arrangements for medical or psychiatric appointments. Whatever you do, don’t just stand by and watch your friend suffer without offering any assistance at all. Now, with the help of mental health Lexington KY, you can help your friend.


  • Consult a specialist mental doctor


People with mental illness often need specialized mental health care, and it’s important to consult with a doctor before starting any kind of medicated treatment. You may want to discuss your friend’s condition with a doctor if he is having any of the following problems:


  • Not feeling well enough to attend to basic tasks: He may not be able to drive himself to the doctor’s office or he may be too exhausted to get ready for a doctor’s appointment. He may not be able to feed himself or let himself out of the house.


  • Not adjusting well to a new environment: He may be anxious around new people or things, and he may have trouble adjusting to changes in his routine.


  • Having thoughts about Suicide: If he has been talking about or showing other signs of suicide, make sure you get help right away. Talking about death and dying can be very harmful, and even when a person is in the early stages of mental illness, discussing suicide can be harmful.


  • Support him with words


Talking to your friend about how he is feeling and what he is experiencing can help. But sometimes you need to use words of your own to support your friend because he is not always sure how to receive that.


You can tell him that you love him, that you are there for him, that you want to be his friend, and that he doesn’t need to do anything he isn’t ready to do yet. You can also tell him that you understand how hard it is to get help for a friend and that you are here for him. You can consult with mental health Lexington KY and give your friend the best treatment.


  • Do not let him handle any mental pressure


Before agreeing to help your friend with anything, make sure he is mentally and physically ready to take on the responsibility. Be sure to ask him what he can handle and what he can’t. Ask him what his limits are and how you can help him reach them.


Mental illness is a common condition, but some people with mental illness can make you feel as though you are the one with the problem. You may want to check in on your friend to make sure he isn’t getting in over his head. Due to this reason, get expert help from mental health Lexington KY.

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