How Can You Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Service?

Customers who have a positive experience with an eCommerce site, whether they have purchased an item or are returning them, are more likely to recommend that site to their acquaintances. Having a good customer service can go a long way to growing your eCommerce business as there are no face-to-face interactions between online customers and merchants. The eCommerce call centers work to increase sales, answer questions, and resolve problems of customers before or after sales. Without a call center, eCommerce customer service must find other effective strategies to create satisfied customers.

1. Provide software solution for self-service

Unlike offline retail shops, eCommerce businesses do not operate by any standard business hours. Yet the answering service for the customers can be varied since those services are generally not automated. Thus you must extend the hours of your answering service, even for early or late hours at night, whenever a customer might require help. You can also provide software solutions as eCommerce customer service by setting up an automated knowledge base. This would enable the customer to get answers to their queries without speaking to an agent.

2. Use multichannel communication

Many customers who frequent eCommerce sites are using mobile devices. In addition to calling, they can chat, email, and text, which are some popular communication methods. Therefore, employing a multichannel communication strategy can reach, connect, and build your customer base in an extensive way.

3. Facilitate live chat on the website

Live chat applications on websites are a quick and fast form of communication, where customer service representatives can resolve the customer’s issues effectively. This means buyers can make purchases faster. A customer might leave the website if they face any trouble while purchasing, but having a live chat can make contact quick and easly to resolve any issues. Facilitating live chat on the official website is one of the best eCommerce customer service strategies, where customers actively participate and have various other reasons to choose the business.

4. Make your email campaigns personalized

Various studies have established that personalized email campaigns can have a greater effect than the standard mailing strategy. Personalization is critical. When these emails include the customer’s name, they are hard to ignore. As generic emails are not addressed directly to the customer, recipients often think it is just more spam email. In addition to automating personalized email campaigns, another helpful eCommerce customer service strategy would be forecasting your inventory needs in advance to help your customers purchasing in advance[Why is this last sentence included since it mentions a new business strategy that, while helpful, is not tied to personalized email campaigns. This should be a separate bullet point].

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