How Can You Keep Your Water Tank Cool During Summer?

How Can You Keep Your Water Tank Cool During Summer?


The season of scorching head and sweaty clothes has finally arrived. Keeping the human body cool along with maintaining the proper balance of water will be quite a struggle during this time. The main issue during this time is to keep the water tanks cool. They need to supply cool water to all the necessities. This includes water for drinking. Starting from the use of water tank cover, various ways can be implemented to maintain a favorable temperature for the water stored in tanks. So, it is time to take a quick glance into a few of the highly effective tips to keep the water tanks cool during the hot summer season.

Use of Water Tank Cover

The first and most used method is the use of a water tank cover. This is essentially a jacket for your entire water tank. It is made from a special UV resistant material that is insulated both from inside and outside. This material uses a special technology known as Flame Retardant Insulation Technology inorder to maintain the temperature of the water. A special aspect of these covers is that they not only keep the water tank cool during summers but also keep them warm during the chilly winter season. All in all, it ensures that you get the perfect temperature maintained water all year-round.

Another added benefit of water tank cover is that it drastically increases the lifespan of your tank, as it saves it from direct sunlight, rain showers, and the wrath of a mighty thunderstorm. These covers are pretty affordable. They can be easily obtained from any hardware store or all the mature e-commerce websites in any region.

Painting the Water Tank With a Reflective Paint

Another scientifically effective method is to paint the water tank white. The logic behind this is simple and pure science. White is a reflective paint and it will reflect all the heat back. Only minimal amounts of heat will be soaked by the water tank. Resulting in maintaining a cool temperature inside the tank. In the case of the water tank cover, the rule is quite the opposite. The cover must be dark in color so that it will soak as much heat as possible. Thus, a very little amount of heat will actually go to the tank. It will keep the water cool inside. It quickly established the fact that the color you choose greatly affects the temperature of the water that you will receive from the tank.

Painting the tank both from inside and outside also prevents the growth of any sort of bacteria in the tank. It maintains the hygiene of the water. It is also to be noted that the nature of the paint is also important to get the best results. It will be a very wise decision to use 100% pure exterior acrylic paints. It will be able to withstand all the harsh conditions that are usually on a rooftop.

Installation of the Water Tank in an Enclosed or Isolated Place

The position of the water tank plays a vital role in the maintenance of the water temperature. As the main reason behind the hot water is direct sunlight. So, placing your water tank in an isolated and shady place can greatly cool off your water tank. As it will no longer get continuous direct sunlight. But, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of relocating your water tank, you can simply construct a shade around the present location of the water tank. This will not only keep the tank and water cool but will also improve the lifespan of the tank itself. As the materials inside a tank namely fiber and plastic are prone to degradation when exposed to long hours of direct sunlight for years. So, this method will drastically help you to keep your water cool and also keep your tank healthy.

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