How Chatbots Help Generate Leads?


Modern businesses continue to look for innovative and unique ways to improve their customer experience while they search for answers for their queries in real-time. Besides, enhancing user experience is a crucial factor when it comes to SEO Sydney. While some businesses have opted for live chat, others prefer chatbot as they offer a plethora of benefits to users and businesses. However, the intent is the same – improving customer service.

In addition to it, businesses rely on AI-enabled chatbot to automate sales and lead generation process. In fact, chatbots can be a great way for your business to lead generation.

How chatbots improve SEO Sydney?

The dwell of time or the amount of time people spend on your webpage is one of the ranking factors of Google. Chatbots on your page help to increase the dwell time. Chatbots offer personalised conversions for users. In fact, they are tailored to make users feel that they are chatting with some real person. As a result, users prefer to stay more time on the site and engage with chatbots. About, 63% of users talk to chatbot without being aware of it. In addition to it, they also help users to navigate the page easily which increases the number of pages visited. Bingo, this is another ranking factor. Ultimately, chatbots help improve your SEO.

How do chatbots help to generate leads?

Instant service at any time

Unlike live chats, chatbots are available throughout the day and year. Having chatbot can be really effective when it comes to engaging visitors on a website. You can show your customers that you are able to help them right there and in turn, it encourages the users to start interacting with your business. This increases the chances of generating more leads and conversions. Even outside of the business hours, you’ll be able to serve your customers, and you don’t need an employee to do that in shifts which will cost you more. A constant customer service supported by a chatbot is what you need to turn an audience into a customer.

Wider reach

Of course, with a chatbot you can directly engage with a wide range of people. However, chatbots can be used through various platforms for a wider reach. You can consider installing chatbots in all your social media platforms. Doing so will ensure that you’re generating and interacting with leads through multiple platforms. In short, you are making it much easier to attract and engage with a range of potential leads.

Gather information

The information which you get from users through chatbots is beneficial in two ways. The information is collected and saved for future reference, and it saves time while you can use the information to provide more personalised service at every step.

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