How Coupon Websites Make Money

Have you ever used discount codes from a coupon website to buy products at a discounted price? Discount codes like BoAt Lifestyle discount code or Bath and Body discount code to save some money on your favourite products? Coupons are a simple method to save money while buying online while ensuring high quality. They allow you to save money that you can use for something else. It’s fascinating how coupon sites allow their customers to save money and make profits for themselves. If you are reading this article, you must find it intriguing too. Let’s not wait further and dive right into how exactly coupon sites make money.

How do coupon sites make money?

Many websites in India offer coupons like BoAt Lifestyle discount code, discount codes for Myntra, coupons for paying bills and deals for almost all top brands and products. Some of the best coupon sites in India include Gorilla Coupon, Nearbuy, Grabon, etc.

  • Advertising

Most of the coupon sites earn their revenue from advertisements. Coupon sites experience huge customer traffic from people looking to save money. It is a win-win situation for the website and the company that offers these deals as customers receive free coupons and the companies receive more business. Best coupon sites in India offer deals that are too attractive for a regular online shopper to miss out on.

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  • Affiliate Programs

In affiliate programs, the online retailer/coupon company pays another website to bring the traffic to its own deal. Small coupon companies list the deals of big coupon companies and send their traffic to them. In exchange, they earn a commission on the resulting income. Affiliate links are used on the website to direct the traffic. These also account for a part of the revenue that coupon sites make.


  • Program Fees

A prominent coupon distribution company can charge the businesses a program fee for product marketing. However, this only works if the coupon company can prove that it would boost the business’ sales to a level that can compensate for both the discounts they offer and the fees they will pay.


  • Paid Deals

Some companies treat coupons as regular inventory. Thus, they have a traditional business model. These companies sell the deals they offer. They charge less than what a coupon is worth to customers.



The above-listed methods are the significant ways in which coupon websites earn their revenue. All the best coupon sites in India use these methods to maintain their profits. Many companies make a part of their revenue from direct sales, while some use alternative methods like bulk sales.

Consider the example of Boat Lifestyle. The company offers Boat Lifestyle discount codes to the coupon website. The customers looking for deals use them while purchasing. When BoAt Lifestyle gets sales using that code, coupon websites get their commission, and customers receive a discount on the products they want. Everyone is happy. The bottom line is that it comes at no cost to the customers.


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