How do gift cards work, and what are they for?

A gift card is a versatile gift that is growing in popularity year after year. This gift option makes life easier for the giver by eliminating the need to figure out what to give. Gift cards are beneficial to merchants because they allow them to increase sales. In this article, we will explain how gift cards work, why businesses need gift certificates, and why they should be ordered from


What is a gift card?

A certificate or card is a 100% prepayment the giver deposited into the store””s account. The giver can choose any product for the amount specified in the certificate or buy a more expensive product by paying the price difference.


How do gift cards work?

Technically, the card is a document confirming that money has been deposited into the store””s account. The e-card contains a code sent to the recipient by email. The giver chooses the day when the card is received. The giver receives the card by email. In the email, the person gets the card and instructions with detailed information on how to use it. An important advantage of electronic card options over traditional cards is the lack of logistics costs.


The data of a study of the gift certificate market in Europe show that more than 30% of customers are planning to give certificates for the holidays. The share of corporate customers who choose electronic gift cards is over 80%.



Advantages of gift vouchers

– For the giver

They save time and avoid unnecessary shopping during the New Year and other holidays. In addition, the certificate avoids annoying mishaps due to the wrong choice of gifts. The giver can be sure his sacrifice will not lie idle and be used. Finally, the certificate can be given to a person, regardless of where they live.


– For executives

What is the purpose of gift certificates in business? Executives can use gift cards in a loyalty program and reward employees for meeting KPIs. In addition, cards are a great corporate gift option for employees, customers, and company partners. Electronic gift cards will eliminate the hassle of wrapping, storage, and delivery. All you have to do is upload a database of recipients”” email addresses and choose a time to send them.


– For the recipient

Possibility to get as a gift something you have been dreaming of for a long time, or to choose something new and unusual from a wide range of variants offered by the stores.

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