How Do I Buy Used ATM Machines for a Business?

A brand-new ATM costs anywhere from $1,000 to about $25,000 or even more, depending on its features, the CostOwl reports. If that price is too steep for you, or you don’t want to spend as much on an ATM, check out alternatives. Look for used ATM machines for sale to find options that are much easier on your budget. With second-hand units, you can buy ATMs at a fraction of what they originally cost when they came out on the market. If you’re serious about moving forward with your buying decision, here are tips to guide your selection along.

Consider Fit

Installing an ATM doesn’t work for all types of businesses. Retail spots benefit a lot from them, though. If steady foot traffic is a boon to your business, then go ahead and install an ATM. If you or nearby businesses operate on a cash-only service, then that will guarantee you a steady line of users. Also, if your ATM is the only one in your location, that will boost the number of your daily transactions, FitSmallBusiness says.

Decide on the Type

There is a range of models you can choose from. Choosing at random won’t work, though. Think about your market. Who will likely use the machine? Will they use it if you buy a unit with outdated features? Many ATM machines work fine even when they don’t have any touch-screen options, for instance. However, many young users of ATMs are more comfortable with touch-screens or modern user interface designs. Factor that in. If you use old models, users won’t be familiar with the features.

Assess Its Condition

Is the unit in excellent working condition? Will it last you for years? You may have saved money on the sale, but you’ll only be certain of that once you get the machine checked. An inspection will determine whether the machine has what it takes to last, perform for years without a problem, and make your life easier. If the unit has too many problems, and you keep spending on repairs, one after another, move on to other units.

Look for Trusted Sellers

Finding second-hand units that are in mint condition can be tricky. Look up companies that provide a range of ATMs for sale. What are the buying conditions you need to know? How do they handle returns? Are they reliable? When you go over the reviews, do you find any negative feedback or complaints about the company? If there are too many complaints about the firm’s product lineup, it would be best to spare yourself that stress. Look elsewhere until you find a company that offers options you can trust.

Know the Features

Check out the different types of ATMs. What kind of screen size and type will work for your target users? Which lock option should you go for? Is the note system enough to handle the notes and cartridges you have in mind? You can also check out vault types. Knowledge of these options will allow you to make smarter buying decisions.

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