How do I Change My Flight Date in Air India?

Air India has been serving passengers across four continents and traveling across 60 international destinations. Air India has been operating since 1960 and marking its territory worldwide. Air India is the largest passenger carrier airline in India. Air India lets passengers book, cancel, reschedule flights Air India and make other changes to their tickets under some policy conditions.

Different conditions under which Air India lets its passengers change the date of their flight are as follows:

  • Passengers are allowed to change flight dates within 24 hours of booking, and Air India does not charge any penalty for the change, but the condition is that the departure date of the flight must be at least a week away from the day the passenger wants to make a change in flight date.

  • When passengers want to change their details after 24 hours, they are entitled to a penalty depending upon the miles and number of days left for departure.

  • Date change is permitted only a single time, meaning you can only change the date the first time, and no change is allowed after this. You are also not allowed to change any other detail after you make one Change to your flight ticket.

  • According to Air India, Air India change booking date is allowed only on those tickets which are wholly or partially utilized.

Under these policy conditions, you can change your flight date with Air India.

You can take the following steps to change the flight date on an Air India ticket on their website.

  • Visit the official website of Air India,

  • Click on Manage Bookings under the Manage your trip section. as you click on Manage Booking, a new page will appear on the website, indicating you to fill in your Booking number and Last Name.

  • As you fill Booking Number and Last Name and click on confirm, your Air India flight ticket will appear on the screen.

  • Click on Change my details. Here, you will get the option of changing the date.

  • Select the desired date you want. Now your flight will get booked on that date.

  • It will ask you for payment if you are required to pay the penalty.

  • Choose the method of payment and confirm the amount.

  • You will receive a confirmation email regarding the updated date on your flight ticket from Air India.

Air India is one of the best airlines in India. You can easily modify your details under particular conditions. If you still need more information regarding flight date change Air India, you can contact the customer service of Air India.

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