How do I change my misspelled name on Allegiant?

Name correction is not a rare thing in the world of aviation services. People make mistakes while booking their tickets all the time. While some of you might feel that there is no need to make changes, the airline would require you to make corrections even if a single letter is misspelled or missing; for security reasons. So if a passenger shows up at the airport with their confirmed tickets, but the name on their boarding pass does not match a hundred percent with their identity proof document, the airport will deny entry to that passenger.

Allegiant understands how difficult the name change policies for other airlines are; the airline introduced the Allegiant air name change service to ensure every passenger, despite their situation, gets access to the facility. The following article will explain every important detail related to this policy and how you can use this for your benefit.

Allegiant Name Change Policies 

Before you understand how to correct the mistake, you need to understand what you are allowed to do and what would be the consequences of your actions. The policies say:

  • You can only make changes up to a few characters of the first name. After that limit is crossed, the airline has the right to charge you for this service.
  • You are allowed to change your last name only if it has changed due to legal actions such as marriage, official name change, divorce, etc. To use the Allegiant Air misspelled name change service, for this reason, you need to produce the documents affirming the change legally.
  • If your ticket is booked under Trip Flex service, you can make such changes up to one hour before the trip.

How to change your name?

To use this feature:

  • Open the Allegiant webpage and look for the booking management tool.
  • Enter your flight details and relieve your itinerary information.
  • Select the flight modification/cancellation button below the ticket details.
  • Select name change service.
  • Enter the changes and update the data.
  • Make the necessary payment to confirm the changes.

You can also change your name by connecting with a support agent over the phone.

How much would Allegiant ask you to pay for Name Change Service?
Allegiant has imposed the following fee on the service.

  • If you can make the necessary changes to the booking name within the 24-hours following the reservation confirmation, you can avail of this service for free.
  • If you are a member of the frequent flier program, based on your membership status, the service can become free for you.
  • Passengers who have booked the tickets via any other channel except the official website, mobile app, and ticketing center, need to connect with the Allegiant Air customer service agent to apply for the same.

Take the help of the Allegiant helpdesk team to resolve matters related to this.


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