How do I change my misspelled name on the United Airlines Ticket?

United is one of the most reputed airlines that serve its customers worldwide. If you wish to make changes in your name or somehow you have misspelled your name on the United airlines ticket, there are terms and conditions that you have to adhere to and get the most suitable services from them.

Name change the policy of the united airlines or misspelled name on the united airline’ ticket which can be corrected through the following ways. You will easily come to know how you can name spell it on your United Airlines ticket.

  1. Many passengers have misspelled their name due to the name change policy, or if they wish to make any changes in their name, it can be corrected.
  2. As per the name change policy of united airlines, the passenger has to represent the legal documentations to the united airlines wherein it has been stated that your name has been changed or you do have legal proof of stating the same to the united airlines.

If somehow you have misspelled your name on the United Airlines ticket

  • Correct the spelling of the name.
  • Correct or change a prefix. (Mr. / Mrs.).
  • Change a name to the last name or vice versa.
  • Add a removed middle name or initial.
  • Delete or add an initial or middle name.

Suppose somehow you have misspelled your name or wish to make changes in your current reservation, and you can change name on united airlinesIn that case, you can easily utilize their services provided with your legal documents, which you do have to present to the delta airlines authorities before checking the airport.

How to Request a Name Change from United Airlines?

There are several methods to change the United airlines tickets to request the name change.

  • Being a passenger of United airlines, you have to present the necessary legal documents or upload the required documents online and present them.
  • If a traveler wishes to make changes in their misspellings, they can call the reservation center or customer support services of United airlines.
  • They can pick or look for the number provided on the official United Airlines website, and their services are available 24/7 to assist their customers.

Conclusion: –

You can easily make a change in your United airlines ticket if somehow you have misspelled your name. You can easily make a United airlines name change on the ticket and solve all your queries from their representatives.

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