How do I check if you have Challan traffic pending?

The traffic police has launched an online payment network for commuters to pay traffic fines via e-challans, with the rapid incorporation of government services online. Aside from traffic policemen stopping you for traffic violations, you can also be caught now. You can pay for these e-challans online as well as offline.

Steps to check the status of traffic e-Challan fines online

To verify the status of e-Challan traffic fines online, here are the measures you need to take. The measures to verify the status of e-Challan traffic fines online are easy and hassle-free.

  • You need to visit the state’s transport department official website.
  • Click on the section called online traffic challan payment.
  • After the above-mentioned step, you need to select the category of violation for which the penalty to be paid.
  • You will have to fill in the e-challan or the vehicle registration number.
  • The amount of the penalty will be shown on the screen for the vehicle.
  • Then you need to choose the payment mode like Debit Card, Credit Card or any e-wallet and then proceed with the payment accordingly.
  • Once the payment is done, you will get a message which confirms the online traffic challan payment.

What happens if you don’t pay the traffic challan?

It might happen that you totally forget to pay the fine for traffic. Legal repercussions occur for not paying within the timeframe the traffic challan or the penalty. If you do not pay for any excuse, as the driving license holder of the case, a summon will be sent to your residential address where you will be called and asked to offer an answer before the judge on the violation of the traffic laws.

Cases in which you do not visit even though you are legally called by the court and pay for the e-challan, so your driving license is revoked. Therefore, by all means, not paying the traffic challan is not an option. Try to promptly pay the same so that you do not forget to stop all the legal troubles.

How to avoid getting a traffic challan?

Basically, you will not issue any traffic challan if you obey the traffic rules and regulations and as the saying goes “prevention is always better than cure.” Let’s stop violating the traffic rules, so that the issue of paying a fine does not arise. There are some thumb rules that you can easily stop paying for the traffic challan if you obey. Here are those below:

  • Be always punctual, which simply means starting on or before time to avoid peak hours so that the peak traffic and the apparent pressure and anxiety can be avoided.
  • Mandatory obedience to all traffic laws. In fact, it might be difficult to obey the rules at times and it is therefore much safer and healthier to be safe and sound at all times than to be sorry later.
  • All important documents and related documents such as the RC of the vehicle, car insurance papers, PUC and driving license must be held up-to-date by you in the vehicle, since the traffic police may also conduct a regular check at any point of time.


In every area of our lives, we never like to see ourselves as a defaulter and therefore the same goes with paying a traffic e challan as well. So, the first is to obey the laws of traffic. And, if you have to pay the traffic fine at all, pay it at the same time and drive hassle-free.
You may also visit the traffic police headquarters in your town and pay the fine, in addition to paying the e-challan online. It should be noted that most e-challans need to be paid within 60 days from the date of issue, after which they can be referred to the court where, depending on the seriousness of the breach, a defendant can also be granted imprisonment along with the fine. Visit Finserv MARKETS to learn more about traffic challans.

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