How do I choose a good web designer?

The million-dollar question – How to choose the best websites designer? Here we leave you some clues to be able to choose your web designer a little better.

Research the designs and even talk to their owners:

If a professional website designer doesn’t have some examples of his work on display, if you can’t find it on his own website, contact him and ask.

If he has them posted, then check them out live and have a look around them. He’ll give you an idea of ​​his style if nothing else. If you don’t like his style, there wouldn’t be much reason to contact them. Also, as long as you like their style, we would talk to the owners of those sites and ask them how they did.

When you talk to the Parramatta web design company or web designer, you should avoid them being the “owners”, or even the providers, of your domain and hosting.

If this is one of their requirements and you still want to start this professional relationship with them, make sure that in the budget they break down the annual cost of both domain and hosting.

If the amount is higher than that, it can be for two reasons, generally.

– The company or designer is also a provider of hosting services;
– You have bought a lot of hosting space from a hosting company and are using it for reselling;

In the first case, the price of the domain and hosting should not be higher since they are direct providers. In the other two cases, the amount is inflated because the designer is an intermediary that is facilitating the acquisition of domain and hosting.

However, acquiring your domain and web hosting is very easy and can be much cheaper. Google “acquire a domain and web hosting step by step” and you will get tons of results. What you save.

I want access to the keys of my website from the beginning:

Almost always when the company or web designer is in charge of acquiring the domain and hosting for you, they keep all the access codes in the process.

We think this comes from professional misrepresentation, not deliberate malpractice. When WordPress did not exist and a professional web design was commissioned, the client never needed or wanted to enter their website for anything, so it was a bit absurd for the design company to say: “Look, these are your keys. of access”. There was no reason for it.

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