How do I Contact Google Support?

If you face any queries in any of your google apps, don’t worry because the Google support team is always active for their users, so they can not face any problems using it. And being on the biggest network in the world; some small glitch can be a problem for millions of people, so it is very important to have a customer support team that helps the users anytime they face a problem. So read below how you can get through customer support.

  • Google provides customer service, but only on some platforms because of worldwide users.
  • Google accounts are always divided into regular, developer, and business accounts.
  • The Google business accounts provide all the platforms to contact the customer support team of g google.
  • The regular account users have to check the customer service options available for them.

Business account users

For the business account users, they don’t need to get through the customer support team. They can connect to the google admins within their organizations. Google Business accounts are provided to the working professionals by the organization. Google provides an admin within their own IT team so they can handle all the technical issues or glitches and help the person who faces the problem.

Regular account users 

The best way to contact the customer support team is by visiting the Google help center website. You may get Google support phone number by following the steps. 

  • On the search engine, you have to search for the ‘’Google Help Center’’.
  • Then click on the office link from your search.
  • And then, sign in with your Google account details and click on the help and contact option on the webpage.
  • Now on the new page, you will see voice call and chat support of google at the bottom of the screen.
  • And then you can take the option which is suitable for you. Take the number and dial it if you want to get through a phone call.

With all the information you get to know, How do I Contact Google Support? By all these methods, you can contact Google and resolve your query.

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