How Do I Get a Refund from Air India?

Air India is an Indian-based airline that the Tata group owns. The name that satisfies every other passenger with the help of their impeccable way of hospitality. If you are a real enthusiast of the Air India airline, you must travel with them because they provide flight facilities to their customers while traveling across the globe. The airline also delivers happiness to their lovely travelers through ample comforts, such as the seating area where you will find a huge lounge to rest while waiting for the flight to get bored.

To get a refund from Air Indiayou need to follow the below-written steps, which will take you to the official refund page of air India. The steps are easy to apply and very basic. Any commoner can understand the process within one go.

Air India refund process

  • You are required to visit the official site of Air India.
  • After opening the air India home page, you will get a manage booking tab; click on it.
  • Then the managed booking page will show you some blanks; fill the blanks with the booking reference or PNR number and last name.
  • Now the list of flights will pop on your screen; from this, you can select your suitable flight for cancellation.
  • Please tap on the cancel button and confirm it. After some time, the airline will send you a confirmation message containing the code on your registered email id.

(If you have already canceled, then you can claim a refund by submitting a refund form; otherwise, you need to cancel first, then the airline will take your refund claim.)

The solution to your query mentioned above is not sufficient. It would help if you went through the air India refund policy. The policy is set so that no passengers will face discrimination during the refund process. 

Air India refund policy 

  • If the passenger claims for the refund after the 24 hours of cancellation of booking, then, in that case, you will get the refund back but after deduction of cancellation charges.
  • If the respective passenger claims for the refund within 24 hours of booking cancellation, then the airline will pay you the refund without any deducting cancellation charge.
  • The airlines will pay you a refund in some exceptional cases; if a family member dies and you submit the necessary supporting documents related to the incident, then the air India authority will analyze your situation and revert you with the full refund.
  • In the worst-case scenario, such as a climate condition that is unsuitable for flying, the airline may cancel or delay your flight. Then, in that case, you can claim the refund, and the airline will be wholly responsible for paying you the refund.
  • Other than this, any technical issue or fault can cause a delay in your take-off then. In that case, also, the airline will pay you the refund.

The article has already mentioned the air India refund policy and answers your question. How do I get a refund from Air IndiaNow the airline will take some time to provide you a refund back to your mode of payment. If you paid through cash or cheque, then the airline will provide the refund to your given account address. Other than this, if a ticket is purchased through a credit card, the process will be immediate but takes around twenty days.

If you made a payment through a credit card, the airline would send the refund money to the same credit card. No other card will be applicable.

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