Many marketers today believe that they know everything about SEO well. But Google is constantly changing its rules, which have to adapt. Changes in the industry are driving improvements, investment is growing, listing space is shrinking, and competition is growing. SEO professionals are well aware of the fact that only the best content can reach a large audience.

Choosing the right targeted keywords creates the foundation for your entire SEO campaign. If the right keywords with the highest bounce potential are not selected, the foundation for compelling content will be weak, making it nearly impossible to succeed.

Investing time in best-in-class SEO tools will help you select the right keywords and collect and analyze data.

We have many different wrench tools available. These are software packages that are able to separate the required signals from the garbage and help you concentrate on the keys you want.

For example, we can offer a keyword generation service . Among its functions is the ability to search for ideas of keys, intersect words with others and toss ready-made lists into the KeyCollector to generate long tails.


It is more important than ever to be one step ahead, and the information available about the keys will be a good start in the beginning. But some keyword search algorithms are more accurate than others.

Today we will try to answer the question of what factors should you look for when exploring the many keyword research tools?

Keyword App Capabilities

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The first step in choosing the right keywords is to understand what phrases consumers are driving into searches. This data can be determined using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. To gain full access to the data, you must log in to your AdWords account. You don’t need to set up any campaigns or spend money on advertising.

There are three main ways to find relevant keywords using this tool:

  • entering the URL of the site or page to be optimized
  • use of a category of products or services offered by the site
  • adding a list of keywords related to these products or services.

However, it is important to make the right settings before doing your keyword research. Since we are looking for specific keywords that the market is asking for, we need to analyze by exact match, not by variation. To do this, use the Match Types option on the right sidebar and select Exact.

The first way to identify keywords is to enter the domain or page you are trying to optimize. Google crawls the website and returns a list of content-based suggestions. Once the results are collected, be sure to select the Keyword Ideas tab, not the Ad Group Ideas tab. This will provide a complete list of keywords with relevant search volume. This can also be done using the domains of direct competitors.

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The second way to identify relevant keywords is to choose a category. In this case, you must enter the category of the products or services offered instead of the domain or URL. For example, if the service offered is “Marketing”, you should select the “Advertising and Marketing” category in the “Category” field and click “Search”. However, this is not always the best use of this keyword tool as the categories are often very general and some categories are not available.

The third and most common way to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is to enter a list of related keywords (usually the names of the products or services offered) in the Word or phrase box. This will return a list of popular searches related to those keywords.

If you are interested in setting up contextual advertising and correctly implementing campaigns in Google Adwords, I recommend reading this guide .

The video below is a hint on what frequency you should focus on when choosing keys for commercial topics.


Another method of identifying potential keyword targets is to look at phrases that are already generating organic traffic to your website. This gives an idea of ​​the possibility of increasing this traffic through optimization.

Since this list contains a list of keywords that are already generating traffic to the website, optimizing for those keywords gives you the opportunity to improve your search engine rankings.

There are several other important metrics when deciding on target keywords for an SEO campaign. This analytics report also provides insight into engagement factors such as bounce rate and average visit duration at the keyword level. By focusing on keywords with a low bounce rate and enough time on the site, the campaign will target not only the keywords most likely to drive traffic, but also targeting visitors who can take action on the site.


The Keyword Explorer tool, powered by the Moz platform, uses a very useful technique. It offers the most popular queries and groups keys according to their lexical similarity.

Moz collects deeper metrics to help provide a better understanding of the scope of work ahead. Moz defines data like this:

  • Rank: If the entered domain or URL ranks for this keyword on the first page of search results.
  • Frequency: Ranges indicate that you know with 95% or greater accuracy how often a term or phrase is viewed on Google each month.
  • Difficulty: A score from 0 (low) to 100 (high), which measures how difficult it is for you to rank higher than current members on the first page of search results.
  • Opportunity: A score from 0 (low) to 100 (high), which measures the relative site-to-site speed (top 10 blue links) for this keyword.
  • Priority: How important is this term to you and your business?

This opportunity indicator is incredibly useful and allows you to do a quick analysis to build a strategy for working with the existing phrases.


When launching a new SEO campaign, especially with a small budget, it is helpful to identify easily accessible targets. A good strategy is to target keywords for which the site is already ranking, but the results need to be “screwed up”. Only the implementation of this plan alone can bring about a significant improvement in performance.

Rank Checker is a Firefox extension that can be downloaded after you sign up for an account for free. The usefulness of Rank Checker is combined with other keyword search tools such as the Adwords Keyword Tool or Keyword Explorer. After using these tools, Rank Checker works well to identify lists of your potentially easily achievable phrases.

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you can choose to check the ranking of your keywords in Google for a specific country. Just add your domain and keyword list (up to 100 keywords at a time) and you will usually have a ranking in a minute. Look for high-value keywords that are already ranking on page 2 or 3 on your site to see what almost “ripe fruit” are available. The fact that the site is already on one of the top search pages shows that there are sufficient prerequisites for rapid growth in these areas. This strategy usually yields very fast results.

Sites such as Answer The Public and Quora can also help with finding keys. You can take interesting ideas from there and implement them into your key guessing program. If your software is capable of data mining, you will be able to get the most relevant key lists. This is a great option for those interested in quality promotion.


As you can see, the fundamental rules for collecting and analyzing key phrases do not change much over time. In connection with the upcoming updates to search engine algorithms, it is also unlikely to expect major changes. For our part, we strongly recommend that you explore the capabilities of Keyword Explorer, if you have not done so before. This tool will perfectly complement the functionality of those services that you used before and will offer new directions for improving and developing your project.

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