How Do I Know if a Sofa is Worth Upholstering

I have actually addressed this exact question for clients over and over again and typically, it consists of the same issues. One likes it, the other dislikes it. One is connected to it due to the fact that it has emotional worth, and the other can’t stand the 70’s chartreuse green upholstery is covered in dog hair. The truth of the matter is easy. Upholstery can be a pricey practice, nevertheless, there are so many more pros to upholstery than cons. Not just does reupholstery keep furniture frames out of landfills, making it eco-conscious, however it also reuses quality furnishings and increases the durability of your piece.

Your primary step shoud be identifying whether the sofa is more than 10 years old. If you have a sofa that is older than 10-15 years then right off the bat you have much better quality furnishings. Younger furnishings is usually not durable sufficient to upholster and should certainly be evaluated. If you’re thinking about purchasing from Craigslist, Facebook, or from a garage sale, ask questions, check whether it wobbles, rocks or makes noise, or feels unsteady, if it still feels durable, that’s an excellent sign and could be a great prospect.

Next, you should analyze the frame. A sofa that is worth reupholstering need to have a frame made of wood with fairly few knots. Joints must feel secure and consistent. If you aren’t sure whether or not the frame is hardwood, remove the cushions and attempt to lift the sofa. It is heavy for its size, it is more likely to be high quality if it feels actually light, the wood is most likely not strong sufficient to reupholster, but always contact a great Singapore sofa upholstery if you aren’t sure.

If possible, take at the springs in the frame. Higher quality sofas have coiled springs tied with twine atop the platform. If the sofa appears like it has a thin spring webbing that feels flimsy and light, then it probably isn’t worth upholstering. Do not hesitate to inspect the springs by patting the underside of the sofa and feel whether the dust cover is tight. A taught dust cover is a sure sign of excellent construction.

Always listen to your gut. If you love your sofa, then you enjoy your sofa. If it’s good quality and you’re on the fence about spending the cash, ask yourself whether you are likely to discover a piece you like as much. The perfect shape, size, and feel of your sofa are totally up to you when you upholster. If you want something special to your comfort level, then upholstery is a terrific choice. The care, quality, and workmanship that enters into upholstery is unique and is made by craftsmens who care about durability and quality.

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