How Do I Know If I Need Marriage Counselling?


Often this is how marriage happens – meet the one, have a whirlwind relationship, and get married like in fairytales. Well, what the fairytale doesn’t tell us is marriage requires commitment and a lot of efforts from both partners to make it work. You’ll never know how much you need to sacrifice and work it out for having a smooth relationship until you experience it. Nurturing a relationship isn’t a cakewalk, but when you get it right, you are going to cherish every moment and grow old together. End of the day, it’s all about love despite the differences.

However, sometimes things go out of hand despite the efforts, and you’ll end up giving up. A professional marriage counsellor can help you in such situations so that you can fix your relationship and start all over. However, when do you know it’s time to consider family therapy Hills District? Here are some triggers pointers and signs that indicate you’ll need a counselling Hills District when:-

You Hardly Speak To Each Other

Are you not talking with each other for a couple of weeks or more days? Or, do you feel that speaking won’t fix anything? Many relationship challenges are caused due to poor communication. Once communication has deteriorated, every effort you take to mend your relationship will result in vain. This is a tell-tale sign that indicates you’ll need professional help to be back in the right direction.

You or Your Partners Keep Secrets

Is your partner hiding something from you? Do you feel that there’s no transparency between you and your partner? Counselling is crucial when people start keeping secrets from one another. While honesty and transparency is the goal of every marriage, there’s an unsaid rule about accepting and forgiving if the partner is willing to repent and fix the relationship. Of course, when couples keep secrets from one another, it could become a huge problem in the relationship. It could mean that you no longer trust your partner, and they don’t care about the relationship. Counselling can help heal the wounds and start a new page together.

You Are Scared To Speak

When things are normal and okay, you have the liberty to talk about anything. But, when you are hesitant to discuss things with your partner, it means that there is trouble in your marriage, and you need a counsellor to help you to speak without any fears to your spouse.

You Feel Like Enemies

You will see an enemy in your partner every time when they oppose your view. You always try to search for your partner’s interest in all suggestions and get offended. This is the time you need couples counselling Hills District to get things right.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to contact a marriage counsellor to guide you on the right path and help fix your marriage.

The author is a professional marriage counsellor located in the Hills District. He provides support and counselling Hills District for individuals and couples. Visit for more details.

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