How Do I Know When My House Needs Painting?


While there are no fixed rules as to how often you have to repaint your home or office, there are certain tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. There’s nothing as effective and inexpensive as a new paint job. Compared to other home improvement projects, painting is less expensive and makes a bigger impact. In order to avoid further damages to your property, it is always a good idea to be prepared ahead and start noticing the condition of your paint on your walls and other surfaces. The following are the signs you need to look for as they indicate that you need a new painting job, as shared by painters in Sydney:-


If you are walls are no brighter and fading, it is time to repaint the walls. Fading happens over time due to various factors, including dust, dirt, mould growth, and natural elements in the case of exterior paint. For example, discolouration occurs due to sun bleaching and as a result of water intrusion.

Wood Rot

Paint acts as the first line of defence against the natural elements. Without the protection of the paint, wood and other materials are exposed, making it susceptible to rot. However, replace the rotten wood before painting, or else the paint will start to peel and fall off quickly. Without the protection of paint, construction materials would start to deteriorate rapidly.

Cracking, Chipping and Peeling Paint

If you notice any signs of chipping, cracking, and peeling paint, it is a tell-tale sign that indicates your walls need a fresh coat of paint. Over time, sun exposure and moisture can weaken the bond between the paint and wall. When this happens, the paint begins to show some cracks, indicating that the paint will start to fall sooner or later. The paint will begin to chip and flake off, exposing the surfaces that will continue to worsen if not taken care of. The exposed material underneath your exterior paint will be susceptible to rot, mould, and pests.

Mould and Mild Dew

While mould and mildew are not causation to repaint, their removal requires a thorough cleaning that can completely wear down your paint faster than usual. If you had a mould removal recently, it is time to repaint your walls.

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