How Do Scrap Metal Recyclers Pay Top Cash For Scrap Car Removal In Sydney?

Have you ever wondered how some scrap car removal companies can pay you thousands of dollars in exchange for your vehicle? Don’t worry; nothing shady is going on behind the scenes. In fact, we can help you solve the mystery with the guide below!

How Scrap Car Removal Services Turn Your Vehicle Into Cash

What’s the money-making secret to car scrapping? It’s all about the metal in your vehicle! Cash for car removal companies recycle these materials, just as you would plastic and paper.

The average car contains about 65% steel, as well as metals like aluminium, magnesium, and titanium, all of which could sell for reasonable prices. But first, these metals must be assessed and separated into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous.

Ferrous metals contain iron and can be distinguished from non-ferrous metals with a magnet. However, both types of metals are very valuable, and most cash for scrap car companies will accept them for recycling.

Want to learn more? To get a better idea of how much you can get for your vehicle, it’s best to understand your different metals. Here are a few examples of the most commonly recycled metals:

  1. Copper

A typical car contains about 25kg of copper, often found in your wire harness, starter motor, alternator, radiator, and brake tubes. This is because copper is widely known for its high electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper is also one of the most highly valued scrap metals, ranging from $8-$11.50 per kilogram.

  1. Brass

You may be more familiar with brass for its decorative uses, like in bed frames and door handles; however, the metal is more versatile than you think. Due to its strength and heat-resistant properties, you can find brass in radiator cores, tubes, and tanks. Scrap brass costs about $3-$5 per kilogram.

  1. Steel

Steel is one of the most recycled metals, and it’s also the most common one found in cars. It makes up everything from the door panels to the exhaust pipes and, of course, the frame. You can find about 1088kg of steel in a single car, with every kilogram worth $1.10-$1.60.

The Benefits Of Hiring Scrap Car Removal Services

Now that you know how car scrap per scan pays you a fair amount of cash, you might be more inclined to send your old vehicles to them. But before you do, it’s best to be aware of the other benefits you can get from the service. After all, not everything is about making cash!

Car removal services are also very environmentally friendly. You already know that they recycle vehicles and their components, which means no part, metal, plastic, nor glass, goes to waste.

Steel recycling, for example, ensures that no new steel is manufactured to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by the process. By recycling a single ton of steel, you are preserving 1000kg of iron ore, 600kg of coal, and 50kg of limestone.

Earn some cash while playing your role in saving the environment by taking your vehicle to a scrap car removal company! You can contact Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732 to find out how much we can offer you.

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