How Do Supply Choppers Work in Call of Duty: Warzone

Even though there are several strategy-based games available in the market right now, but gamers are still crazy about Civilization 6. The game is nearly four years old, but again, it remains in the list of trending games. There are several factors for its immense popularity, but its rare Victory aspect is the most significant one. The game requires a lot of construction from the gamers, which includes libraries, colonies, dams, water reservoirs, universities, monuments, and much more.

Supply Choppers Work in Call of Duty

In this article, we are mainly focusing on building monuments in Civilization 6. However, the building of monuments is not as simple as other buildings; there are various restrictions and guidelines linked with it. Below we have provided a proper workaround that will help the gamers in understanding these guidelines alongside it will brief them about the best time to build Monuments in Civilization 6. The following process is a bit complicated; thus, gamers need to be attentive while reading it.

Best Time to Build Monuments in Civilization 6

The gamers first need to know about the best time for building a monument in Civilization 6. The players can start making the Monuments in Civilization 6 when their city population increases a lot. The gamers need to know that monuments are a national heritage, and the natives of their city will visit it more often; thus, it will benefit them a lot to earn extra money. However, with less population, there is no point in investing a huge amount of money on the building of a monument. Thus, gamers need to understand that first, they have to settle their city.

How to Build a Monument in Civilization 6

The gamers need to keep a few things in their mind before they start building the monument; the first one is to enhance and spread a unique culture among the residents of their cities. Once the population reaches a definite number, then the residents will start adopting the culture. Afterward, gamers should start building a monument that signifies their culture alongside history. Players also need to find a location that is somewhere in the center of the city. Once they have successfully found the place, then gamers need to start building the monument.


This article will help the gamers to know about the building of Monuments in Civilization 6. In this article, we are mainly focusing on identifying the best time and guidelines for building a monument in Civilization 6. We hope that gamers will be able to create a monument in their game after reading this article and find it purposeful.

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