How do the world’s best patent search firms operate?

Wondering how the best patent search firms in the world actually function? This is a highly personalized and demanding job catering to the needs of skilled and super-busy litigators, patent attorneys, patent law firms, global corporations, research and development heads and companies of almost every size and type. Ensemble IP, for instance, has a chequered journey over two decades as one of the leading patent search companies USA and it is known for having pioneered a fusion of technology and human expertise in patent searches over the years. This delivers results that go well beyond the regular scope of machine translations or what competitors/peers can provide.

High-quality searches are offered to clients on the basis of experience in working with reputed patent practitioners and litigators. Every operational function is synced with top requirements of the business and legal worlds. Extensive search abilities are offered, fusing AI and Boolean with other innovative methods while systems are structured to make sure proper scoping of projects in sync with time and budgetary limitations. Personalized requirements are taken care of by searches done in databases, covering languages of interest and usage of the same analysts for all projects. Key reporting formats are always adhered to in this case. A contemporary searching process for patents has been created by the company which can be scaled up and tweaked for clients.

Some of the other services include batch process and pre-filing solutions, covering patentability advice, decision on filing particular applications, assessing the very nature of patentability and enabling multiple searches for leading global corporations. Patentability searches are also conducted in a bid to provide support to attorneys who can guide their clients in turn with multiple opinions/options, depending upon the specific circumstances. Invalidity and validity are key areas where Ensemble IP comes to the forefront, helping clients get valuable opinions regarding the nature of their patent, i.e. whether it is valid or not. IPR (Inter Partes Review) is a major part of the process, enabling assistance for litigators with all proceedings conducted at the PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) as well. Attorneys are supported impeccably as they offer advice to clients on avoiding infringements and also take care of clearance of products. Other services include competitive benchmarking analysis, studying patent landscapes and portfolio mining.

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