How Do You Choose a Painting Service Company for Your School?

Schools should be colorful and attractive. If the paint is peeling, you need to hire a company that can repaint the premises and make it look like a wonderland.


Selecting a painting service company for your school can be stressful. It’s not a residential project, so you must ensure that your budget is sufficient and the painters do a good job.


Ideally, you should select a company that has already painted a school or commercial building. Most painters have residential painting skills, but taking on a big project like a school may not be their cup of tea.

Finding commercial painting companies near me can be overwhelming; you should consider various factors before making a selection. Even if you search for top industrial painting companies near me, you still need to set up an interview and get a quote before hiring anyone.

Here’s a quick post highlighting how to select the best painting service provider for your school. Take a look!

#1 Ask for References

It’s about your students’ safety. You need a reliable painting company that can do the job safely and securely. Ask the service provider if they have painted in an educational setting. You can also contact other schools and ask for references.

#2 Will you get value for money?

Does the painting service company offer a warranty? What payment plans do they have? Ask for a quote for the painting job. What if the paint wears off sooner? Is there any scope for a discount (considering it’s a fairly large project)?

#3 Do they understand your vision?

The painting company should understand your vision. It’s a school project, so they must understand that the school must be painted accordingly. They also have to abide by current safety standards to ensure that the students and teachers will be satisfied when the project is finished.

#4 Do they have the relevant certifications?

As a painting service company, they should have the required certifications to paint a commercial and educational building. Are the equipment, methods, and staff compliant with industry standards?

Reputable companies will tell you if they are certified and what projects they have taken up before.

#5 The initial communication is a giveaway


The initial communication is a litmus test. Discuss what you want and get an understanding of their experience and what they have in mind for your project.


Talking to the company will help you determine if they are legit. So, besides checking their certifications and reviews online, you can benefit from talking to the service provider and interviewing them.


It’s best not to skip these steps because hiring a painting service provider for a school is very different from hiring a painter for a residential project.

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