How do You Choose the Right Fish Tank and Dog Beds for Your New Pets?

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There are so many pets that you can adopt and keep at home. And because you are reading this article, you probably just become the owner of a fish or a dog. If you want your new pets to live long and healthy, you should know that, like in human cases, sleep plays a vital role in your pet’s health. Still, you should know that what is meant by sleep in humans is very different from the rest practiced by animals. Fish sleep can be of two types. Fish have an alert rest in their fish tank, during which the brain sleeps, but the senses are active. The other kind of sleep is actual sleep, intended as a suspension of activities. On the other hand, dogs sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day, extensive and senior dogs 16-18 hours a day, and puppies 18-20 hours a day.

It would be best if you considered preparing a sleeping area for your pets to provide them with the right sleeping conditions—a fish tank and great comfortable dog beds for your new pets.

4 Points for Choosing the Fish Tank

Design, size, freshwater or saltwater, making choices in fish tanks sometimes requires a long reflection. However, the nature of the fish you intend own will often determine the style of tank you should choose. Here is a brief overview of the essential points to check before purchasing your tank.

1.     Define Its Use

Before thinking about other criteria that come intuitively, you must know how to define your need precisely. Be aware that freshwater fish will not have the exact needs as saltwater fish. Similarly, the latter will require a separate small aquarium. With seawater, you have a vast choice of fish but also need equipment: osmosis, skimmer, monitoring of density, and addition of salt.

Once you have clearly defined the essential point of use, you can turn to more technical aspects for choosing your tank.

2.     Target the Size and Volume of the Fish Tank

It would help if you also targeted the volume corresponding to the desired fish tank. Are you leaning towards an imposing tank with many fish or a more simplistic model to bring a touch of decoration to your interior?

3.     Think about Filters and Lighting

As you can imagine, the filter is an essential element of your tank. Not only does it keep waste in suspension, but it will also save you a lot of water changes. You then have the choice between external filters and internal filters.

Conversely, you can also opt for internal filters, available in different models, but it will be necessary to plan their place in the fish tank. Finally, you must consider lighting since you must define the type of lighting according to your fish tank use. Generally, neon lights are the most common, but fluorescent tubes are also reserved for fresh water and HQL lamps for plant growth. If your budget allows it, you can turn to a more expensive and efficient solution: HQI lamps.

4.     Think about Heating and the Substrate

Depending on the species you have chosen and the room’s temperature, you will have to vary that of the tank. The installation of an immersion heater ensures the heating. Consider one watt per liter of water for a room with a temperature of 19°C.

Depending on all these criteria and taking your budget as a framework, you should be able to choose the tank best suited to your needs. Choose carefully to ensure good conditions for your fish and plants.

Now that you have seen how to solve the problem of Nemo, your new pet. You should take care of the dog as well. The quality of your dog’s sleep is fundamental to his well-being and health. The question of dog beds is all the more sensitive as it must ensure total comfort for your animal. Which option to choose? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

What Type of Dog Beds Should Be Preferred?

Based on the observation that a dog sleeps approximately 13 hours a day, you must take special care in selecting the dog beds that will guarantee quality sleep. If your dog sleeps badly, he may eventually suffer from behavioral problems. Three criteria should guide your choice: the size of the mat or cushion must be adapted to your dog, the comfort your pet likes, and the bedding must be easily washable.

For example, a bamboo rug will be very easy to clean, as will a removable cushion. As for dog mats, it is in your best interest to favor those with piped edges and even quilted and treated against dog odor. Some carpets even have, in addition to significant absorbency, long fibers giving them a suitable thickness and appreciable comfort for your dog. For the cushions, it is preferable to favor a material resistant to bites and scratches.

As such, one of the advantages of the cushion or the mat is that they can be installed inside a basket for more comfort while allowing the dog, especially if it is a puppy, to cut his teeth on the basket’s plastic. The mat and the cushion are also suitable soft dog beds for large dogs that have to live indoors. It is advisable to avoid beds made of materials presenting risks of ingestion, such as wicker or foam.

 dog beds

How to Make Your Choice?

The choice between carpet and cushion is more a matter of taste than of any obvious superiority of one over the other. It all depends on your pet, its size, and its age. If your dog is older, thick, padded dog beds will help alleviate bone problems. Mats and cushions are also preferred when it is hot or if you realize your pet does not like dog beds with high basket-type edges.

Before deciding between the carpet and the cushion, pay attention to your dog’s behavior. The best dog beds will be the ones that meet the needs of the latter. For example, some animals have an apparent propensity to spread out, while others prefer to roll up into a ball. Anyway, the dog will make you understand if the chosen bedding suits him. If this is not the case, he will naturally find another place that better meets his needs.

Ultimately, carpet and cushion are two equally good options, and the critical word is knowing what your dog expects from his bedding. Whichever option you choose, you absolutely must regularly clean your carpet or cushion and treat it effectively against parasites. Under these conditions, your faithful companion will feel fulfilled and happy.

Remember that sleep and rest for animals are vital. The more you want their health to be good, the more you will offer them the best conditions in their fish tank and dog beds.

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