How Do You Choose The Right Liftmaster Garage Door Opener For Your House?

Odclex is pleased to provide garage door openers from reputable manufacturers. We’re an authorized dealer for LiftMaster and Genie garage door openers, two industry-leading brands with a reputation for excellent customer service.

We shine the focus on the Genie Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky we sell in this post so that you can make an educated decision about which one will better meets your lifestyle. However, before you get started, consider the following considerations when shopping for a new garage door opener.

When Buying A Garage Door Opener, There Are 6 Things To Think About.

When shopping for a garage door opener, consider these factors:


The majority of openers utilize either a link or a belt drive. A metal chain is used to shift the trolley in chain-drive systems, while a belt is used in belt structures.  Belt-drive openers are quieter and quicker, but they aren’t always appropriate for heavy garage doors.

Strength Of Horse

The lifting strength of an opener is shown by its horsepower. Residential openers usually have horsepower ratings of 1/2 to 3/4. For a regular double-car garage door, a 1/2-horsepower motor is appropriate, whereas a 3/4-horsepower system is a good option for heavy garage door designs.

Added Security Features

Protection reverse, detectors (or “photo eyes”), and an emergency release are all standard features on modern garage door openers. However, depending on the model you select, extra safety features could be available.

Many Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Lexington Ky, for example, have an Alert-2-Close Alert Program that offers audible and visual alerts when the garage door is just about to shut.

Safety And Security Features

Contemporary garage, door openers unlike older models, uses a rolling code system to ensure that the opener isn’t compromised by a burglar or accidentally opened by another device. LiftMaster’s Security+ 2.0 technology sends a new key to the opener with each key, rendering it hacker-proof.

For added protection, some garage door models have a locking feature.  Most LiftMaster models include PosiLock technology, which detects and locks down the door in the event of a sudden opening.

Keypads And Remote Controls

Both garage door openers have a remote control and a wall mount. Nevertheless, some wall mounts, such as LiftMaster’s Intelligent Control Center, come with extra features including scheduling and timers.

Furthermore, most modern openers, including the Genie Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky models, have an exterior keypad that allows you to access your garage door using a code.

Technology Alternatives

Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds! There are now garage door openers that enable the user to track and operate the garage door using unique software on their smartphones, ipads, and laptops.

Based on the details you’re looking for, you have a number of choices. A simple Genie Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky with less features and frills is ideal for those looking for a dependable, low-cost, and practical opener. These more simple openers have been around for a long time and have been known to function. These easy and reliable openers are ideal for industrial and rental properties that will see a variety of uses and may be lost due to interchanges. They are simple to repair in the event of theft, injury, or accidents.

A completely loaded Genie Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky with LED lighting or camcorder options is another choice. This is the route for you if you want to enjoy every function! Controlling your garage door and lights, being notified if your garage door opened when you were away and receiving alerts when the button is pressed are all options.

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