How Do You Determine A Transmission Sensor Failure?

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Automatic is quite trendy in today’s world. In cars, you cannot argue against this either. The use of automatic technology is one significant innovation that cars have received recently. Automatic transmission is one such implementation that has been successful.

But have you ever wondered how a car with such an innovation operates? With the aid of an automatic transmission, gears can be changed automatically. Behind the scenes, there is an advanced technological infrastructure in operation.

Our focus is on how the transmission’s sensors function during a drive without exploring the entire dimension. What happens if a sensor fails, and how can you identify a faulty transmission sensor?

What functions do transmission sensors perform?

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The PCM (PowerTrain control Module) uses a transmission sensor to calculate the vehicle’s speed. When using an automatic transmission, the system determines the gear ratio and informs the PCM about the need for speed during a drive. PCM is a computer that deals with controlling a vehicle’s speed.

The explanation unmistakably suggests that if the transmission sensor has trouble communicating with the PCM, it may be problematic.

The impact of transmission failure might be severe or mild depending on the situation. However, it could not be good news while you have your foot on accelerator.

To assess the situation, you need to learn about some basic hints that always prove to be critical while diagnosing a failed transmission sensor.

A vehicle finds it hard to determine the proper gear.


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When sensor input does not function as expected, a car’s PCM may choose the appropriate gear by default.

The input signal from the sensor and the gear selector lever might not be in sync. This might result in the vehicle being operated in an unsafe manner, which would likely present a traffic hazard.

To select the proper gear in an automatic transmission, the sensor and PCM coordinate one with the other.

Your engine may experience improper RPMs when your transmission shifts into the wrong gear. You might want to have a professional check the health of your transmission position sensor at Service My Car if your gear selection and gear ratios are consistently off.

Car hesitates to move or cannot move at all.

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The neutral position is determined by the PCM because your car needs to be in neutral to crank up. However, the PCM is powerless if the transmission sensor doesn’t signal anything.

A car could also simply stop starting. If the transmission range sensor is totally damaged, the PCM won’t be able to detect any gear command input at all. This implies that your car will not be able to move at all.

However, a transmission failure can turn out to be a hazard, especially during a drive. Car manufacturers have tried to tackle such a situation by introducing failsafe mechanisms that stop the transmission from shifting gears in the event of a mechanical or electrical issue. Your transmission may become stuck in a non-shifting gear if your transmission position sensor is malfunctioning.

A car in such a state enters into limp mode when there are high chances of serious transmission problems and you can avoid a costly transmission repair. Fortunately, a mechanic at Service My Car will be able to fix your transmission position sensor and get your transmission back to normal operation.

The Check engine light starts to flicker.


The check engine light is the best friend of a driver. A check engine light does not intimate about problems with a car’s engine. A check engine light tells about associated components.

The check engine light is a driver’s best friend. A check engine light also informs about associated components, not about engine-related issues.

However, you might not be able to determine without any inspection whether it originates from the transmission speed sensors.

You can arrange an inspection with a mechanic to identify the source of the issue if you are unable to do on your own. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the sensors. Only a skilled mechanic can make a decision on this. Just get your vehicle checked at Service My Car. Here you will also get transmission programming by an expert.

An automatic transmission is a fusion of mechanical and computer driven systems. You might have to pay a significant sum of money for an automatic car transmission repair.

Therefore, rather than ignoring or waiting for one of these symptoms to go away, you are better off paying attention if one does appear. If you disregard its service, it could end up costing you a lot of money and inconvenience. If you need any type of car service & repair, service my car provides you free pickup and delivery at the nearest mercedes benz service near me center.

Service My Car, on the other hand, offers assistance with car scanning and diagnostics services to find complex problems all throughout your vehicle. An inexpensive purchase is worth much more than the sum you might have to pay for pricey repairs.
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