How do you install a tempered glass protector?

Having analyzed the most important characteristic points that we should consider around tempered glass screen protectors, the next step has to do with analyzing what the keys to its installation are. 

In principle, the simplest thing to say is that installing a tempered glass screen protector doesn’t differ much from installing a plastic screen protector.

The tempered glass screen protector has two protections like plastic on both sides so that first we have to remove the protector of one of them to start placing the protector on that side, then, when we reach the other side with practically all the protector already installed, we will remove the second protection, the one on the opposite side, is already installed.

In specific terms, and after carrying out the tests on it to get an informed opinion about it, we can say that installing a tempered glass screen protector is much easier than a plastic one. 

This has some explanations, like the one where we have several possible attempts, so it doesn’t matter if the first one is unsuccessful, that we can always remove it and put it back on, without having wasted it as happens with plastic ones.



To be clear, these are the steps to install a tempered glass protector:

  • We remove any previously installed case or protection from the mobile
  • We clean the screen with a material specially developed for this, removing all traces of dirt or traces of fingerprints that may exist
  • Once we have finished cleaning the screen, we remove the first protector protection, that of one of the sides, and place it on the screen, without worrying about doing it right, because as we said we have several attempts. 
  • The important thing is to avoid bubbles that may appear, which we can gradually remove by gently rubbing the screen, using a cloth
  • Once the protector has been fully in place, the last step has to do with removing the second protector, and then we will have the tempered glass screen protector permanently placed on our Smartphone, no more laps.

In addition, watch this video that shows how to install screen protector tempered glass easily. 

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