How Do You Start a Warehousing Business in India?

The warehousing business has become quite lucrative in India. Leasing a warehouse is a good option, but you can get a pre-fabricated steel building. What’s better? We can share more about this in this post!


Allow us to share how you can start your warehousing company in Chennai. The top warehouse company in India has ample space and follows all the rules and terms.


Keep reading this post to find out more regarding this subject.


Before Starting Your Warehouse Business…


Before you start your warehouse business, it is crucial to discuss what services you will offer. A warehouse is more than just equipment and shelving.


There are certain areas of expertise that you can cater to. You can offer distribution and shipping, and even storage. You could offer a combination of these two. All you have to do is keep the target clientele in your mind.


As you move forward, you would need a business plan for the warehouse. It comes after you have determined or shortlisted the niche. Look at your competitors and notice what they are doing. Your goal is not to copy what they are doing – you have to be better than them!


Once you cross the first starting phase, you can move on to the next.


Leasing a Warehouse


The biggest benefit of leasing a warehouse space is that you have no associated maintenance or repair costs.


The company that offers the space will take care of it. You have to focus on the job of storing, shipping, and distributing.


Rather than building a warehouse, you can rent one and save additional costs. At least your business will start, and you will not have to worry about paying extra costs for building a new warehouse. Building a warehouse is expensive! It’s best to take it on lease/rent.


To top it off, leasing a warehouse will give you a certain level of flexibility. If you are facing warehouse issues or need a bigger space, you can always find a better space.


Types of Warehouses You Will Come Across


Everyone has different needs. Let’s put it this way – there is a food company or an art dealer. They will have different storage needs. One size does not fit all in this case.


Let’s introduce you to the types of warehouses.


  1. Distribution Centers
  2. Public Warehouse
  3. Climate-controlled warehouse


A distribution center houses goods for a specific time before shipping them. A public warehouse is rented out to specific companies for short-term distribution.


The climate-controlled warehouse is needed for temperature-specific storage. Let’s say you have to store frozen goods, then this type of warehouse will be important.


Frozen goods need to be at a specific temperature. This way it will remain edible and hygienic.


Build Clients First


The start of your business should be about building clients. You can rent a warehouse and focus on getting clients first.


Building a warehouse at this point will not be wise. So, find an organization that leases out warehouses. If the requirements match, you can take it on rent and start the operations.

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