How do you tune the Oud?

The tuning process

This is not the easiest way to tune western instruments like guitars. Take a few moments to learn how to tune your oud and then practice it. It will eventually sound better when the ord instrument has been tuned properly, because the strings resonate with one another.

The biggest problem with tuning an oud is that there is no mechanical system to prevent the string from moving back. It is simply a pin that is stuck into a hole in the oud. An oud maker who is skilled in the adjustment of the hole’s diameter and size will be able to keep the peg in tune for a longer time.

A clip tuner is essential for tuning an oud. This tuner fits easily in the pegbox of an oud. It is also sensitive to vibrations produced by the oud.

It is important to remember that you must simultaneously turn the peg while pushing it inside in order to tune your oud. This will allow you to stretch the strings and ensure that the peg is pressed in, thereby preventing the string from moving. The neck of the oud should be on your left side. This will allow you to push the peg in while turning it.

There are 11 strings total in the oud: five pairs and one single. Tuning only the top string of each pair is recommended. Then match the tuned string with the second string. You will be more likely to have your Oud well tuned harmonically.

There are many ways you can tune your oud. First, find out how long the vibrating length is. This length is measured from the nut to the nut. Turkish ouds measure around 58cm and arabic measures around 61cm.

The Arabic Oud: Tuning

This tuning is the most popular for playing Arabic Oud’s maqams like Bayat, Rast and Hijaz. This tuning is comfortable to play western pieces on the oud together with other players.

The oud is tuned 4th higher in Iraq, Egypt, and other parts of the middle east. This allows the player to play a high F (fa), melody note. It cuts through the PA, is easily heard and difficult to miss. You will need a set with an F string 0.60mm for this tuning. To know more additional info check arabic oud for sale

Tuning Turkish oud

Two main tunings are available that will suit the Turkish ord vibrating length. This tuning is the most popular and is suitable for most Maqam.

This tuning allows the player to use his pinky to play Makam Hicaz (Hijaz), when playing the oud.

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