How Do You Want Your Wedding To Be?

A wedding is the most important occasion in the life of any individual, whether boy or girl. Everyone is happy when the wedding and all events preceding it or after it are completed without hitches. However, do keep in mind that for this to happen, a lot of planning has to be done beforehand, and that is where the wedding planners come into the picture.

Wedding planners would take their time to prepare a wedding planning checklist and focus on getting tasks listed here before getting on to anything else. Such a checklist would normally include the following:

1) Type of venueThe wedding planner would have a great idea about the availability of space at the desired wedding venue. If the exact venue hasn’t been chosen, the planner can help in making the decision based on parameters such as location, size, budget, and others.

2) Arrangements at the venue– Different customs need to be followed by the bride and the bridegroom’s family in an Asian wedding. For this, the necessary arrangements, which include making herbs and fruits available for various ceremonies. However, the items that may be asked for are not always limited to the ones mentioned here.

3) Décor– Getting in touch with the florist and the venue decorator is the job of the wedding planner, to ensure everything looks good on D-Day

4) Caterers- Food and drinks need to be served from time to time. At the same time, all items on the menu must be available at all times.

5) Making arrangements for special functions- Asian weddings have a number of functions, and special arrangements may be required for the same

6) Designing the stage- The wedding planner has to be in constant touch with the stage decorator and ensure that the stage functions exactly as per design

Capturing the wedding – There are two main ways to capture events at a wedding and other related functions- still photography and wedding videography. Although the number of still shots is far more in number, it is the videography which can show how guests’ emotions change over time. The only reason why the best wedding videography must be chosen for this occasion is that such occasions do not usually recur in life. Every individual strives to look his or her best on this night, and one must never miss out on visuals that highlight properly dressed members of different families.

What is your wedding vision?

Before you decide on a wedding venue, it is important to understand exactly what you wish to achieve through the wedding. If the main idea is to have a low key, classy affair, you need to go ahead and select a venue that can lend the necessary rustic feel. On the other hand, if the idea is to make it as large as possible, you might be interested in choosing a manor house that has spacious grounds. It will give you the kid of pictures and videos that you have always wanted in your wedding. The main idea in a wedding is to find a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

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