How does a CCTV Camera work? Why choose a CCTV Security Camera in Indore from Hasti Computers?

If you are looking for a CCTV Security Camera in Indoreyou should always select the best! Hasti Computers provide a range of CCTV Cameras from well-known brands all over India to offer you the best security cameras in India.

Let us learn about the types of CCTV Cameras available in the market and get to know about them in detail.

Types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras stand for Closed-Circuit Television. They are available divided into two types:-

● Analog CCTV Cameras

● IP CCTV Cameras

Analog CCTV Cameras

Analog CCTV Cameras are the oldest CCTV cameras. They are also known as traditional cameras. They are widely used for safety and security purposes and perform basic functions. Analog CCTV Cameras are available with all the Security System Dealers in Indore.

How does an Analog CCTV Camera work?

It sends out signals over cable to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) with the help of analog transmission. VCR and DVR are recording devices where the feeds from the CCTV camera are stored and recorded in one place.

The tape recordings can be uploaded to digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, or PCs via passing a cable through the modem and uploading the recording on the devices with the help of the internet.

It can also be done via plugging DVR or VCR directly into the video capture card in the computer to convert analog signals to digital signals.

The cards then compress these digital signals in a MPEG format to keep saving the video recordings continuously. The analog CCTV Cameras require a lot of cabling for connecting the devices together.

IP CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV Cameras are digital cameras that send signals over a network or the internet. They work just like a webcam but have their own IP address. IP CCTV Cameras are also known as Digital Cameras because they use digital signals to transmit the feeds to the recording devices. They have the same functions as analog cameras but have add-on features such as high-resolution images, zoom, pan, and tilt features. They give the option to view the footage directly on a web browser. You can view it live from anywhere, even when you are on the go. They are a bit pricey as compared to Analog CCTV Cameras due to the additional features. Although, you will get the perfect CCTV Camera Price you are looking for at Hasti Computers.

How does an IP CCTV Camera work?

The IP Cameras sends out signals in the form of digital transmission to a network switch/hub which can connect to either software or hardware-based video recorder or a modem through which the video recording is displayed onto the digital devices with the help of the internet. IP CCTV Cameras can work either via a cable connected to a modem or wirelessly over Wifi.

There are various CCTV Dealers in Indore who keep various types of CCTV Cameras. But, Hasti Computers is known for providing the best Advanced Security Surveillance System in Indore.

Nowadays, there are security systems that use hybrid CCTV Security Camera in Indore that incorporate both analog and digital components.

The Best CCTV Cameras in India is produced by some of the most famous brands like Hikvision, Dahua, Honeywell, Axis Communications, Prama, CP Plus, Prolive, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Avigilon, and Pelco.

HastiComputersis among the top Security System Dealers in Indore because we have all types of CCTV Cameras available in the above-mentioned brands.

Let us learn about the cameras available under these brands and how does that make Hasti Computers the best choice for selecting a CCTV Security Camera in Indore.


Hikvision CCTV Camera is one of a kind. Hikvision Camera is designed to meet the ongoing changing needs of the customers for video surveillance and produces high-quality images always. Hikvision’s network cameras are used for various applications and are best-suited for everybody’s needs.

Types of Hikvision CCTV Cameras

● Network Cameras

Pro Series with AcuSense

Pro Series (All)

DeepinView Series

Special Series

Solar-powered Series

Pro Series with ColorVu

Panoramic Series

Ultra Series (SmartIP)

Wi-Fi Series

● PTZ Cameras

Ultra Series

Value Series

Pro Series

Special Series

● Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion

● Network Video Recorders

Dahua Technology

Dahua CCTV Camera is available in these types:-

● Network Cameras

● HDCVI Cameras

● PTZ Cameras

● Thermal Cameras

● Network Recorders

● HDCVI Recorders


Honeywell CCTV Camera is available in an exceptionally wide variety. A few of them are:-

● Micro-Domes cameras

● Indoor Dome cameras

● Outdoor Rugged Dome cameras

● Bullet cameras

● Fisheye cameras

● PTZ cameras

● Box cameras

Axis Communications

Axis Communications CCTV Camera is available in the following types:-

● Fixed dome cameras

● Fixed box cameras

● Fixed bullet cameras

● PTZ cameras

● Modular cameras

● Panoramic cameras

● Thermal cameras

● Explosion-protected cameras

● Onboard cameras

● Specialty cameras

● Positioning cameras

The others are:-

● CP Plus Camera

● Prolive Camera

● Panasonic CCTV Camera

● Bosch CCTV Camera

● Siemens CCTV Camera

● Avigilon Camera

● Pelco Camera

They also have a brilliant portfolio of CCTV Cameras that are apt for any situation.

The ever-growing market of CCTV Security Camera in Indore has a strong standingwith the ever-expanding collection of CCTV Cameras by Hasti Computers, known for keeping the Best security cameras in India.

Check out the website of Hasti Computers for more details. Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and we will keep you updated withthe Advanced Security Surveillance System in Indore and other such security systems.

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