How Does a Water Chiller System Work?

Large buildings need a robust chiller system to maintain the required temperature of machinery and the internal atmosphere. These chillers are higher performers and can continue serving the purpose for years. Modern HVAC systems use a water chiller system to provide better support, in this aspect, for delivering appropriate temperature control for hotels, restaurants, manufacturing plants, hospitals, indoor sports arenas, etc. let us check how this system works.

Working principle of a water chiller system

The working principle of a water chiller is vapor compression or absorption. There must be a coolant in the system creating vapor. This vapor, when absorbed or compressed, reduces the temperature to a considerable extent. This coolant is then pumped into the system to extract heat from the air flowing or any machinery.

This process continues until the required temperature is reached. The heated coolant then returns to the system and starts cooling again; due to the vapor-compression process or absorption. The efficiency of a unit thus mostly depends on the coolant used and the rate of heat extraction.

A water chiller system has an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, and an expansion device.  An evaporator works as a heat exchanging medium. During heat transfer, the refrigerant evaporates in a low-pressure environment resulting in cooling. This is how a water chilling system works efficiently and gives the output as per the control command given by a user.


The efficiency and service of a water chiller system depend on the company or brand. It also depends on the environment where the chiller system is used. There are different types of water chiller systems utilized in the modern-day world. Find the most efficient manufacturer and get the most satisfactory results of cooling down a bigger space.

About the Company:

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