How Does Accounting and Taxation Help for Business Growth

How Does Accounting and Taxation Help for Business Growth


Like peanut butter and jelly, accounting and business also go together. One cannot exist without the other. You know you have to do it unless you want IRS penalties and audits. You wouldn’t be able to determine the financial health of your company without it. Your business decisions would be a crap shoot. Of course, we’re talking about accounting. So, how can accounting assist you to defend your company, assess its health, and make decisions? In a nutshell, why is taxation & accounting critical in business? Let’s see how many different approaches there are.

  • A break-even analysis can be used to evaluate expansion opportunities: Your accountant can assist you in creating a budget and forecasting system.

– You can examine how fixed costs (rent, administration, and so on) and variable costs (inventory, shipping, manufacturing, labour, and so on) compare to sales volume over time in the reports. This thing leads to the question of whether seasonality, market conditions, or other variables play a role.

– One can use this information to generate a break-even analysis if you have a thorough understanding of your period expenses and revenue over time.

– All of this can help you acquire a better feel of the market circumstances you’ll need to grow profitably.

  • Help recognize your company’s important performance indicators: There are key performance indicators in every firm, and your accountant is likely to be familiar with them from previous work with other customers. Your accountant can help you set up KPI reporting so you can monitor how they’re performing over time and make smarter judgments.
  • Know how much your company is profitable right now: You undoubtedly have a love for what you do as a business owner. Even if you anticipate you’ll be retiring or selling your company in a few years, knowing how much it’s worth now will help you plan for the future you desire. After that, you can undertake some business succession planning to develop the people who will eventually take over critical portions of the company. This will a