How Does BI Use No-Code Business Intelligence Solution?

The world of BI is changing with no-code development.

Reveal’s report says that citizen developers with a no-code Business Intelligence solution can help meet the demand for building apps faster and with fewer resources. More than half of the survey’s respondents (54%) plan to save money in 2022 by using low-code/no-code (app builder) tools to automate many developer/IT/analyst processes and reduce the need to hire new employees.

A no-code Business Intelligence platform is based on the idea that anyone in an enterprise can build applications in a visual WYSIWYG environment. Typical no-code development platforms have strict rules for the app development process and ensure that anything the platform can make will run and be usable without any professional development to ‘finish’ the app.

What Does No-Code Development Have to Do with BI?

As the name suggests, low-code tools and technologies can help organizations build Business Intelligence (BI) applications with little to no hand coding. These no-code BI software tools come with features and capabilities that make it easier than ever for design and development teams to build BI apps.

Most no-code development tools have simple drag-and-drop features to help people who don’t know how to code and build BI apps. One of the newest things in BI, these kinds of tools come with pre-built charts, grids, gauges, tables, and other elements that users can easily drag and drop into their own dashboards.

Examples of how No/Low-Code BI can help different industries


  • No-Code BI in Manufacturing 


A manufacturing BI dashboard lets manufacturers monitor their machines, orders, inventory, and supply chain data at all times. This allows them to find risks and help predict future risks by looking for trends and patterns in the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Low-code/no-code Business Intelligence makes it easy to combine data from different sources into a single view. They let manufacturing professionals build dashboards full of insights in minutes or hours.

Manufacturing BI dashboards give actionable insights and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be adapted to the needs of different roles in the manufacturing process. For example, a plant floor manager can look at the metrics for a specific line to see if it meets production standards and to plan for future production.


  • BI with No/Low Code in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations, hospitals, and doctors need to be able to see patient data in real-time to provide quality care, accurate diagnoses, and personalized treatments, which in some cases, could save a patient’s life.

A healthcare BI dashboard lets doctors and nurses keep an eye on their patients’ overall health, diagnostic trends, and other things to learn more about people’s health and how well the hospital is doing. They can also help healthcare professionals analyze current and past healthcare data to find ways to make better and more efficient operational and clinical decisions, predict trends, and even stop the spread of diseases. This is called predictive analytics in healthcare.


  • Retail No/Low-Code BI

Building a retail BI dashboard to show key data points and insights can take a lot of time and money because it requires connecting to many third-party APIs to get data from different sources such as shopping cards, POS transactions, and more. Usually, a technical team is needed to build and connect the different integrations.

With a low-code/no-code Business Intelligence solution, retailers can quickly build custom dashboards with little to no coding. This helps them streamline in-store operations, learn about customer behavior, improve the customer experience, and improve promotions.

With real-time key insights and KPIs at their fingertips, retail companies can find a single source of truth and improve their decision-making process. This helps them make better, smarter, and, most of all, data-driven decisions about sales, operations, and marketing.

Closing Words-

Why should you switch to BI with a low/no-code solution? 

Writing custom code to make custom applications can take time and money. Grow’s modern low-code and no-code BI software tools let people make mobile and web apps without hiring expensive developers. With them, you can build end-to-end applications in a few hours without writing any code and get a better Return On Investment (ROI) immediately.

Grow is a self-service embedded analytics solution that lets users easily create data reports and dashboards from any device and make faster, data-driven decisions without stopping their workflow. You can learn more about how it works and how it can help your business by scheduling a quick demo. But the only way to know if it’s a good fit for your business is to try it out.


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