How Does Co-Op Work in Darksiders: Genesis?

“Darksiders: Genesis” has been out for some days, and it’s an action-based role play game. In this game, there is a war and strife and the whole story revolves around it. “Strife” uses redemption, mercy, and guns for gusting the foes.

On the other hand, the War applies Chaos eater, the big sword, to tear the foes from the closest range. When the situation demands, the players are allowed to switch between the brothers through the help of the button.

In this game, the player can avail facilities of playing the game as the strife, the 4th horseman, and the returning brother, “War.” In this way, they have to make stability between the evil and the good by trying to prevent the Demon King “Lucifer.”

1. Co-op Via Online 

The online co-op method is a very simple and easy task to play this game as a group. By playing and grouping through the online mode, the players should purchase the game and then require to sync up together online. After connecting, a group will carve the path to the segment of the story and its events inside it through the help of puzzles, besting demons, and maps.

2. Co-op Locally

In this local playing method, players can share the monitor’s screen on a single system. “Darksiders: Genesis” allows a player to play the game with his friend by split down the single display.

It will split from the middle of the screen, allowing the individual access to play the game from their own segment.

It provides opportunities to avail the features of the game without anchoring and sticking to a single section or requiring other brothers to become a tag of others.

3. Co-op Via Remote Control

“Darksiders: Genesis” Steam edition provides various interesting features too, along with friends. One of the interesting features is the “Remote Co-op”  and it is playable even if your friend has not purchased the game.

If you wish to play with your friend through the remote method, then follow these points below:

  • First of all, you have to buy the game and take its proper access.
  • Then, you require to restart the game.
  • Now, go to the friend’s list and select a friend.
  • Then, you have to send him a notification regarding the invitation to play the game.
  • When the invitation successfully sends, your game will process its action further and informs you whether your friend’s controller is successfully plugged to the hosting device or not.
  • After that, it will automatically stream the game to the setup of your friend after analyzing it.

Note: you can also hit the key “A” once the controller plugged into the device.

“Darksider: Genesis” provides various features and methods for grouping up to connect with friends for playing this game of Strife and War. Players can avail of the feature of the split-screen session in the mid of any section of missions.

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