How does in-film branding help promote brands?

In-film branding is one of the powerful marketing tools in the present internet era. It is the most economically efficient marketing strategy for an indefinite number of viewers. It is a tried-and-true method for getting viewers to recognise a company’s brand and product lines and identify with them, with the extra benefit of association with a well-known film personality, blockbuster film, or popular television series. 

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How does in-film branding work?

Brands occasionally pay movie marketing agencies to have their products incorporated into the storyline. The agencies then contact the production houses and vice versa.

Either a financial solution is involved, or the product is used as a barter compensation. A product to improve the production might be suggested by a set decorator, producer, director, or even an actor. The strategy enhances the realism of the movie’s storyline.

For an instance, Shahrukh Khan, the leading actor in Chak De India, visits McDonald’s to give his on-screen team a treat. 

What are the advantages in-film branding give you?

The advantages of in-film advertising may surprise you. The technique can benefit you in many ways. The plus points are:

To approach and engage the audience directly

Advertising in movies enables you to reach an engaged and attentive audience since they can not avoid seeing an advertisement while displayed on a screen. According to surveys, viewers consider advertisements a natural part of the viewing experience, making them one of the most well-liked types of advertising. As a result, researchers suggest that movie theatre advertising has a more significant impact than TV advertising and is twice as likely to be remembered and appreciated. 

To build an impact that lasts long

By utilizing the captive nature of cinema advertising, you can convey your brand narrative in a lengthier format without losing your viewers’ concentration. The target audience, who watch movies, tends to remember commercials or other promotional initiatives during, before, or after watching movies for a long time. Movie lovers frequently concentrate on the big screen, and in most situations, everything else—aside from the movie they’re about to see—is incidental.

To promote your brand image

Your brand will be elevated by having a big-screen appearance right before blockbuster movies, which typically have more than 100 crores of production budgets. According to studies, advertisements displayed on movie screens were eight times more effective than those on television in helping a brand stand out. In film branding is undoubtedly the best method to promote your brand image.

To earn a generous amount of profit

One further benefit of cinema advertising is that it provides businesses with a good value or return on their investment of time, money, or effort.

It’s unquestionably a very lucrative industry—if you strike the target audience. Studios make money from home video, streaming, and video on demand after a movie runs in theatres.

To reach beyond language barriers

The pictorial presentation shown during movie advertisements plays a vital role in promoting brands. It helps viewers understand the message the advertiser tries to convey. Most significantly, the pictorial presentation allows viewers who paid attention but didn’t comprehend the language used in the advertisement to get the message. Therefore, film advertising also cut over language barriers.

The bottom line

Is film the appropriate fit for your business? Talk to the spokesperson of In-film Branding, one of the best cinema advertising agencies in India. We can help you with how movies can benefit your business. Reach us right away!

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